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O Magnum Mysterium

Merry Christmas! Here is a choral version of a Christmas morning prayer from Morten Lauridsen: My English translation: O great mystery And wondrous sign That beasts should witness the newborn Lord Lying in a manger! O blest the virgin whose womb was worthy To carry Christ the Lord. Alleluia. I’ve heard Tomas Luis de la […]

Happy Hanukkah

Here is a fun Hanukkah potpourri by Jeffery Biegel in Hebrew, Yiddish and English: Enjoy!

Seen on the Internet

Click here for the source and more photos.

My Favorite Grateful Dead Albums

I don’t consider myself a Deadhead, but since I own more Grateful Dead (GD) albums than any other rock band I must be something more than a casual. I like them because 1) they are fun, 2) eclectic and 3) a great cover band (which is harder than it sounds). Here is how I would […]

I need literary advice

A commenter reminded me of a short story I posted here in 2014 and which was first written in 2010 or so. I remember posting it with some embarrassment since I felt that it was a) sentimental and b) somewhat sprawling. It is basically a nostalgia piece based on my own recollections of Irish funerals […]

Blue Mountain

I’ve just discovered Bob Weir’s 2016 album Blue Mountain which is really good cowboy music. It is based on Weir’s recollections of spending a summer working on a ranch in Wyoming as a teen. I take this as a Christmas tune: Good night all you cowboys, we’ve got treasure enough, ’cause the angels appeared one time to folks […]

My Favorite Rock Albums

The challenge of making a list of the greatest rock albums of all time is coming up with criteria. The more objective you want to be, the less likely your own personal favorites appear on the list. Most objective lists will include albums like Pet Sounds, Sargent Pepper and something by Prince, none of which I am actually […]