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Salem in Winter

Thanks to the snowstorm my plans were canceled. Rather than just sit around the apartment and rant on WordPress I thought, David, why not go out and take some picturesque photos of this lovely town, and post them on Facebook for your friends and family? So I got my digital camera and ventured out to […]

So long, Worcester

I’m settling into my new apartment and new town, but I could not help putting up one more homage to Worcester, a city which Truman Capote called a Massachusetts factory town of steep up and down streets that even in the best of weather seemed cheerless and hostile. My new abode is Salem, of all […]

The Spirt of Worcester

Charles Y. Harvey was back on top of the world. He had been asked to sculpt the bronze centerpiece of a fountain designed by none other than Charles Bacon, whose public monuments and private houses brought the glories of the classical world back to life as if the spirit of Phidias were alive and well […]

Only in the Middle Ages

The Virgin Mary socks the devil. She is obviously enjoying herself. The monk who painted this probably had a practical, good natured mother.

Wrapping up The Last Airbender: Four Favorite Things

I’ve finally finished watching the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I had the feeling the writers had spent a disproportionate amount of their childhoods watching Star Wars (all the characters have daddy issues, and the desert episodes seem to be a homage to Tatooine) and playing video games (quests, levels and power-ups). But it is a […]

Art in Unexpected Places

Per Merriam Webster: Geek (v): be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.   After an evening of seeing which martini I prefer (a cucumber Tanquery or a dirty Bombay Sapphire? Sweetness or salt? Lots of samples, still can’t decide.) I arrived home and thought I would […]


Not having cable or internet at home means I don’t spend much time watching TV, but every once in a while I’ll fish a cheap DVD out of the $3 bin at Walmart and watch it on my laptop. With wonderfully low expectations I am often pleasantly surprised. My latest surprise has been a cartoon that […]

Photo tour of Lancaster, Massaschussets

I am new to photography and would never have dreamed of taking it up except for the fact that 1) digital cameras are so easy to use, and 2) I happen to reside in a particularly pretty corner of the earth. Even though I spent the first 20 years of my life in Lancaster, in […]

One from the vault: The work of Wendell Berry

I originally wrote this post as part of series of books that most influenced my thinking. A recent conversation on another wordpress blog reminded me of Wendell Berry’s work. I am still trying to sort out how exactly I should relate to modern technology and the lifestyle it creates.  Today’s book is A Place On Earth by Wendell Berry, which […]

Truth and Beauty

This morning I attended the funeral Mass of my high-school music teacher, Jerry Phillips. He could be gruff, but now that I’m an adult looking back, I’m amazed at his kindness, tolerance and good humor. We pulled pranks on him that, in my teaching days, would have driven me to red-faced profanity. We  laughed at […]