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Smirking While White

I was snowed in and without access to social media all weekend so I missed on stories of momentous importance. On Friday news broke that the President had told one of his underlings to lie to investigators, and on Sunday Catholic schoolboys ganged up on an elderly an American Indian. And as of Monday morning […]

Have we reached peak SJW?

Rather than apologize, Kevin Hart pulled out of hosting the Academy Awards after some Social Justice types complained his old comedy was offensive to gays (a couple of lame jokes and calling people fags on Twitter… The Guardian did not approve). Now the Academy Awards ceremony can’t find a replacement host. Hart had been hired […]

Revisiting Orphanages

Orphanages have been denigrated in recent years as a substandard form of childcare. I sort of shudder when I imagine a bunch of voiceless, underprivileged children living in a group home under the care of adults who may or may not be good people, especially with my Catholic paranoia about sex abuse. Then again, my […]

Random Thoughts on Bullies

In pop culture – movies and TV – bullies are regarded as the worst things ever. This is because films need antagonists and everyone has memories of being picked on in middle school. As much as I loved Stranger Things the show lost me a little with the depiction of the school bullies. They were […]

Kevin D. Williamson flubs one

What happened to the old Kevin D. Williamson I’ve admired for so long? Getting fired from The Atlantic seems to have taken his edge off. His advice to incels is to go to church to meet girls: There are girls who want to go home with a guy they met at a bar, but, as […]

So why are male feminists such creeps?

On this blog we ask the big questions, like why are male feminists such creeps? The men who have been exposed as creeps in the course of the #MeToo movement have in general been from left-leaning industries, such as Hollywood and the Media, as well as a few Democratic Party politicians. Here are some theories […]

Some more thoughts on incels

Yesterday’s post was a basic outline of the incel phenomena, but it felt pretty shallow. Here are a few more ideas that would have provided more depth: Chad, Stacey, and Mevlin are awful stereotypes of people motivated only by lust, not humans. In reality people are much more complex and you can’t just walk up […]