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Sexually impotent male feminist with mommy issues still hates patriarchy

Harvard professor Bruce Hay, dubbed America’s most gullible man, is back in the news. I once wrote a post about him but the short version of the story is: A woman (Pia Maria Shuman) claiming to be a lesbian aggressively attempted to seduce him, but being impotent he could not manage the sex act. She […]

Should we open the schools?

Arguments in favor of keeping schools closed indefinitely: For young children school is a colossal waste of time. It does not take 6 hours a day for little kids to learn elementary subjects like reading and arithmetic, it should only take 1-3 hours a day depending on the age. The rest of their time would […]

A quick and dirty heuristic for staying sane

We live in an age of domestic information warfare, everything is ideological propaganda. The nature of the ideologies is such that they lay down for the true believer a distorted map of reality that is more akin to the mental map of a paranoid schizophrenic than a sane person. Ideological propaganda is unconcerned with the […]

Misogyny-tinted Glasses

I’ve finally graduated from business school. My last class was on negotiations, which I chose because I liked the professor and because I knew that while it would be challenging in terms of workload it would not be cognitively difficult. I expected it would be fun, practical, and educational, and it was. It was also […]

Spirit of Fear

The current atmosphere of my poor, stupid nation (the U.S.) is marked by the following traits: fear, anger, and conspiratorial, unrealistic thinking. Everything has an element of disproportion about it. The pandemic was never going to kill us all, it was always going to have its greatest effect on those already near death. Our overreaction […]

Racism as a heurisitc.

I’ve got friends from dozens of countries all over the world and I have been an ethnic minority with all the occasional discomfort that implies. I figure every nationality is racist in one way or another. Most human thought consists of shortcuts: we categorize people by their clothes, their accent, their appearance, and make semi-conscious […]


Here is a good write-up of the polyamory movement: I liked this quote: The civil rights concerns of the non-monogamous and other minorities are dissimilar in some ways. Unlike earlier civil rights movements, non-monogamy has the potential of affecting a majority of the population, since membership in the group is theoretically open to everyone. “In […]

Coronavirus lifestyle changes

I didn’t really have to go to the supermarket but I was out of eggs, running low on toilette paper, and bored out of my mind. Most shoppers were polite, though some seemed on edge. Everyone was buying enough to feed an army except me. Besides eggs and T.P., I bought cheese, kippers, canned octopus, […]

Am I Paranoid?

Every few months there is a news story reporting on how insects are a nutritious and delicious source of protein, and an environmentally sound alternative to beef. In 2019 “tiny living” and “tiny house” was being pushed far and wide as a wonderful lifestyle (which it can be if you are single). And so you […]

Blaming China

No, China is not killing Americans, the flu is. People get the flu and some die from it. But the wet markets do bear some scrutiny. The Coronavirus most likely originated in a Chinese wet market. This is not the first time wet markets have threatened public health in China. A series of food scandals […]