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Black Protest

Shelby Steele attempts to explain why the various black protest movements have been failing: What they missed is a simple truth that is both obvious and unutterable: The oppression of black people is over with. This is politically incorrect news, but it is true nonetheless. We blacks are, today, a free people. It is as […]

So much hurting

If you haven’t seen Leah Rimini’s documentary series on Scientology, take the time to do so, its on Amazon Prime. One would think that those who get sucked into cults would be profoundly broken people, but often they are bright, idealistic and strong-willed. Had I just read the testimonies of those hurt by Scientology I […]

Of Monsters and Mediocrity

Bernard Cardinal Law has died, to much rejoicing. He was, they say, a monster for his failure to adequately deal with child molesters among the clergy of Boston. Thing is, I have known monsters, two of the child molesting type. Both men were highly skilled manipulators who fooled a lot of people, and destroyed the […]

Living in the ruins

I’ve predicted before that over the next 20 years or so numbers of self-identifying Christians in America will plummet across denominations. Some mainline denominations will cease to exist except on paper. Some denominations that currently look big will suddenly become small. Christians who keep the faith will do so the way Jews have traditionally done […]

The Fruits of Corruption

Ace of Spades comments on the result of the various sex scandals and the disintegrating FBI Russia probe: As a conservative… I tend to support the existing order and assume that institutions charged with protecting that order are overwhelmingly fair. I had previously viewed claims of widespread, endemic corruption and the license of the rich […]

My sheltered life

Stories of sexual harassment and abuse keep coming out of Hollywood, Washington, and the media. I should not be so bewildered: I have seen a case of sexual harassment while working in a boarding school. I have been in an atmosphere where I could possibly have been a victim – a roving Jesuit with a […]

Roy Moore, loyalty test

Just a thought or two on the Roy Moore debacle: While fake accusations of sexual assault do happen, fake ones are usually quite vague and come out of nowhere. Moore has several detailed accusations against him showing a pattern of predatory behavior. You might not be able to prove him guilty of statutory rape in […]