So, I Used to Draw, Part 2: Greco-Roman edition

Still going through an old sketchbook of mine which I found at my mother’s house, dating roughly my from senior year of high school through my freshman year of college.

I seemed to have had a taste for Greco-Roman art.

Apparently I disliked this Athena, given the red lines cutting off her head. Notice the spear arm is a disaster of proportion and foreshortening. Her head is small for her body, smaller than her breasts even, but hey, I was 17 and really into tits… still am, in fact.


This looks like a head of Pompey the Great:


Below is an action scene, obviously Julius Caesar getting himself killed. The face doesn’t work but the action is good. Caesar is in great shape for an old dude. I like the silhouettes of onlooking Senators near his free hand.


I think the image below is taken from a Roman bust but I can’t find the reference. The word puella was written at the bottom of the page.



While we are on the subject, here is another Roman puella (and another failure of proportions and foreshortening):

Here is the original (it is a little better):

Neither Greek nor Roman, but I drew this around the same time. It is Benjamin Disraeli… what kind of high school kid draws Benjamin Disraeli?

(I’ll tell you what kind of high school senior draws Benjamin Disraeli! One that was a big fan of Disraeli Gears!)

In the last post I wondered what ever happened to the kid who drew these. Obviously he grew into me, but why did he lose his interest in drawing? Why did it just disappear in 1998? A bout of depression had something to do with it, but why never pick it back up?

By 2000 I had changed my circumstances, changed my home, changed my trajectory in life. I do remember once watching an artist work and feeling a twinge of regret. I suppose I thought I was now a grown-up with grown-up concerns and that I would never have been a professional anyway. But as a kid I never imagined I could be a professional illustrator, I wasn’t stupid. I just did it because I liked it.

Since 2013 or so music has been taking the place drawing used to occupy, which is funny because when I was a teen I was convinced that if there was one thing I could never learn to do it was singing. After a life of tone-deafness, something clicked. I’ve also learned some cowboy chords on the guitar and play well enough to entertain myself.



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