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Jeanette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

IN 2017 director Bruno Dumont decided to adapt Charles Peguy’s poetic plays about Joan of Arc as a rock opera. He also thought it would be a good idea to not use professional actors, singers, or dancers. Ummm…. Yeah… OK. What can I say, it works, even if it does drag a bit in the […]

My plot for Star Wars

A lot of people hate the new Star Wars movies because they render everything the heroes accomplished in the original trilogy a waste of time, and repeat plot points that are tired by now. Today I had an epiphany: it would have been possible to write a good simple story in the Star Wars universe that respected the […]

RIP Penny Marshall

A repost from a couple of years ago: Who did it better? Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall:   Or Mike Myers and Dana Carvey? Hard call. I had a crush on Cindy Williams (Shirley) as a little boy, but Garth is pretty cute too. Meanwhile, did you know that Lenny and Squiggy had a band? […]

My Faith is Shaken

This is first time I’ve seen an atheist argument on the internet that left my faith truly shaken: Christian theology claims that God is both all-powerful and all-good. But this presents an enormous problem for the theist. If God is all-good and all-loving, and he has the power to accomplish anything he wills, then why […]

Where have I seen this before?

Marvel Comics has been trying to pump Captain Marvel, a D-list character who for 40 years never been able to carry a book in any incarnation, whether as the male alien Mar-Vel (a Superman ripoff) or Carol Danvers (AKA Warbird, AKA Ms Marvel, now Captain Marvel). Marvel-Disney is marketing the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as […]

Good TV shows

I am against television and its brain-rotting effects: TV atrophies the mind, body and soul. That having been said I am also a hypocrite. I don’t own a TV but I do have a laptop and internet access and sometimes I, uh… fall into temptation. And to be honest there is some really great TV […]

Blast from the Past

I stumbled across a long documentary about a TV show from my childhood that I had all but forgotten, Nickelodeon’s You Can’t Do that on Television. (YCDTOTV). It is about 90 minutes long but good. YCDTOTV was an Ottawa-based variety show with a cast of about half-a-dozen children and two adult actors. Each show was built around […]