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A Rare Find

Some time ago I wrote about the near extinction of the American Chestnut during the first half of the 20th century thanks to the Chestnut blight brought over from China. Yet the roots of the old trees live on and send up saplings. The little trees might grow to 20 feet or so before the […]

Review: In Search of St Peter

Last night I watched the BBC documentary In the Footsteps of St Peter hosted by David Suchet of Poirot fame. It is free with Amazon Prime. Conclusion: it was not bad. But I did not really learn much I would not have picked up from reading the New Testament. One new item I learned was that his hometown, […]

A nice article on the organic food scam

I have some sympathy for fat people having been rather tubby when I was in middle school; I’m convinced that the hormonal and metabolic aspects of obesity are more complicated than the calories-in-calories-out formula. Simply eating less is a great way to lose weight if you already tend to be thin but it is not […]

Poor David Brooks

David Brooks in the NYT: To feel at home in opportunity-rich areas, you’ve got to understand the right barre techniques, sport the right baby carrier, have the right podcast, food truck, tea, wine and Pilates tastes, not to mention possess the right attitudes about David Foster Wallace, child-rearing, gender norms and intersectionality. The educated class […]

Trump the fighter

People say they like Trump because he is a fighter. So far I don’t see him fighting for anything important, mostly just trading insults on Twitter. But that is the very thing his supporters want him to do. They do not want him to faithfully execute the role of chief bureaucrat, they want him to […]


A supposed man of God slobbering all over himself to praise a politician is absurd. This is 90% silliness but I can’t help feeling it is flirting with blasphemy. I can understand someone voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils (though one could make an equally coherent argument that Clinton was the lesser […]

The Habits of Men’s Minds (a review of De Lubac’s “Catholicism”)

All the same a change was gradually wrought upon the habits of men’s minds. Their whole picture of the world was changed. Just as they would no longer see the spiritual reflected in the sensible or the universal and the particular as reciprocally symbolical, so the idea of the relationship between the physical body of […]