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Don’t Moralize Technical Problems

Good take on the plastic pollution problem: A 2018 study by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food looked not just at plastic waste, but also at climate-change damage, ozone depletion, human toxicity and other indicators. It found you must reuse an organic cotton shopping bag 20,000 times before it will have less environmental damage […]

Fitness Friday: Switching programs

Old Program From May 6 to June 7 my exercise program looked like this: Monday and Friday: Warm up: power cleans – 3×5 Front squats – 3×5 Bench press – 3×5 Random shoulder / chest exercise – 3×10 Triceps pull down – 3×10 Finisher: trap bar deadlifts 3×10 Wednesday: Warm ups: power cleans – 3×5 […]

Having it both ways

American political culture is shot through with contradictions, many of them happy ones. For example, we are blessed by the fact that the flag-waving militarist party and the limited-government party are one and the same. Some of the more difficult problems in American politics stem from a desire to uphold two self-contradicting values. The Democrats […]

The Gulf of Oman Incident

The combox consensus on the NYT write up of the Gulf of Oman incident is that is some sort of false flag operation. The reasoning is that someone (either John Bolton or Saudi Arabia) is desperate to start a war between the U.S. and Iran, and Iran is too smart to give the U.S. a […]

Book Review: C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy

Lewis’ space trilogy – Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength is hard to qualify for the following reasons: They are not really science fiction but space fantasy. They are not pure novels, being shot through with speculative theology. That Hideous Strength is so different in tone and setting it probably should have been a separate […]

Another rough day in Salem

Whew, boy! Took the kayak out from Dead Horse Beach to see the sights, and maybe catch some mackerel.     More days like this in Salem and I might have to move.  

New Ride!

I’ve wanted a kayak for a long time but since a kayak is, to my mind, a luxury good – neither cheap nor necessary – I’ve been putting it off for eight years or so, finding all kinds of excuses to not go ahead with the purchase. Now that I have disposable income, storage space, […]