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Sexually impotent male feminist with mommy issues still hates patriarchy

Harvard professor Bruce Hay, dubbed America’s most gullible man, is back in the news. I once wrote a post about him but the short version of the story is: A woman (Pia Maria Shuman) claiming to be a lesbian aggressively attempted to seduce him, but being impotent he could not manage the sex act. She […]

My anti-mask moment.

I’ve never been anti-mask, just pro common sense. For me, common sense means three things: Epistemic humility and respect for authority: I am not an epidemiologist. The case for masks sounds reasonable enough but I can’t know for sure. The legitimate authority (in my case the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) asks me to put on a […]

Should we open the schools?

Arguments in favor of keeping schools closed indefinitely: For young children school is a colossal waste of time. It does not take 6 hours a day for little kids to learn elementary subjects like reading and arithmetic, it should only take 1-3 hours a day depending on the age. The rest of their time would […]

3 Weekend Thoughts

First, Andrew Sullivan agrees with me: I’m saying that Christianity and critical race theory, which is the core philosophy of BLM, are diametrically opposed, and rooted in utterly different views of the world and human nature. You can’t practice one and be part of the other without incoherence. — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) July 25, […]

A quick and dirty heuristic for staying sane

We live in an age of domestic information warfare, everything is ideological propaganda. The nature of the ideologies is such that they lay down for the true believer a distorted map of reality that is more akin to the mental map of a paranoid schizophrenic than a sane person. Ideological propaganda is unconcerned with the […]

Theory on why churches can’t reach men

A friend was complaining that the church is incapable of reaching men: there is nothing specifically male in practical church teaching. When one attends church events that cater to men, there is nothing said, taught, or done that does not equally apply to women or even children. He was speaking about the Catholic Church but […]

The spell of ideology

From Alain Besancon’s A Century of Horrors: “It is not possible to remain intelligent under the spell of ideology. Nazism seduced some great minds (Heidegger, Karl Schmitt), but these projected onto Nazism thoughts of their own: a profound anti-modernism and anti-democratisim, and nationalism transformed into metaphysics. Nazism seemed to take on all these elements – […]

Can A Christian Believe Critical Race Theory? (No)

There is plenty to reject about Critical Race Theory (CRT): it is a fundamentally paranoid way of looking at the world, distorting the facts on the ground to the point that it makes prudential action impossible; it is a closed-off “hermeneutic of suspicion” which turns everyone who criticizes it into a white supremacist; it’s true […]

Ideology Makes You Stupid

Alain Besancon’s A Century Of Horrors is an essay on the physical, moral and intellectual destruction brought about by Nazism and Communism. He compares and contrasts the ideologies and ponders why Nazism is universally condemned while Communism is remembered as a flawed but noble experiment. He defines the movements as ideologies: a doctrine that, in […]

A Serious Church

We Americans have our good qualities but seriousness is not one of them. Perhaps at one time we were a serious people but consumerism, fear of suffering and self-absorption have taken over the nation and infected our religion. Jon Gabriel of the libertarian-leaning Ricochet blog has been writing about his disillusionment with Evangelical Christianity which […]