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Holy Thursday Thoughts:

Hard to believe Judas would betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver unlike the rest of us who do it for free — Jeremy McLellan (@JeremyMcLellan) April 17, 2019 Chief Priests: Will you betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silverMe (holy): NeverChief Priests: What about going viralMe: How viral — Jeremy McLellan (@JeremyMcLellan) April 17, […]

America’s Official Religion

A few months ago CNN presented Lady Gaga and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez as the future of American Christian belief. I’m not a fan of either but they are talented ladies and I’m happy they have found some transcendence in their lives. But CNN is wrong; their religious belief is not the religion of the future. A […]

LOL: Smirking While White 2

In January I had several posts about the Covington Catholic boys who were unfairly accused of harassing an American Indian at the March for Life in Washington DC with their… smirks. “Smirking while white” was the hate crime du jour. Well, an friend recently sent me this photo from the March for Life 1997. It […]

Ratzinger on the sex abuse scandal

In February Pope emeritus Jospeh Ratzinger, at the request of current Pope Bergolgio, wrote a letter to a synod of Bishops concerning the clerical sex abuse scandals. The letter has now been published and its… interesting. He blames three things: The spirit of the sexual revolution infecting the church (including the acceptance of gay cliques […]

Fashionistas for Jesus

An Instagram account called PreachersNSneakers is is noticing how many hip Evangelical pastors are into expensive shoes: View this post on Instagram John Gray icing EVERYBODY out in the Prayer Yeezy 2s. Ayo Kanye, I’m about to start raising support, COME THRU for ya boi A post shared by PreachersNSneakers (@preachersnsneakers) on Mar 29, 2019 […]

REPOST: Contemporary Church Music

This is a short version of an old rant about church music and (indirectly) about church outreach in general.   Whenever I hear someone say “we have to make church appeal to young people” first I shudder, then I twitch, for the following reasons: Young people are generally idiots. A church that appeals to them […]

Some good news for a change

In Fresno California a dozen middle school boys help talk suicidal a woman down from a bridge: (Coach) Murray saw the woman dangling from the bridge directly over the railroad tracks. He called 911 and told the boys to go back up and yell to the woman. “I immediately told the kids, ‘Do everything you […]