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Book Review: Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin

Laurus can be described as historical fiction, it takes place in 15th century Russia, but that gives the wrong impression about the contents. It does not simply tell a medieval story, it tells the story in a medieval way. The mental barriers between us and the past are high. The modern mentality is very different from the primitive, ancient, or medieval […]

Real News for Grown-ups

I swore off the news a few days ago, but something crept through my filter: At first, people thought that OPEC was purposefully keeping prices low (by not reducing supply) in order to smother the emerging shale industry in the crib. With low oil prices, less investment would flow to alternatives to conventional oil, which […]

On the current class war

This is a repost from way back about the American clerical class. Things have gotten worse since this was published. Many Americans have lost faith in institutions like the media, schools, churches, and various organs of government. The rise of Trump was a symptom of that. Yet the people who staff these institutions don’t learn anything: they still insist […]

Munchausen’s By Proxy Syndrome

Munchausen’s Syndrome is a compulsive tendency to invent elaborate health problems for oneself. It is named after the German storybook character and his impossible adventures. “Munchausen’s-by-proxy” is the compulsive need of some mothers to attribute improbable health-issues to their children. Rod recalls Dee Dee — to whom he was briefly married, though they separated before […]

College is no place for teaching

An irritating blog I follow is one called Daily Theology, which is run by grad students in Catholic theology departments. For them, theology is not studied for its own sake but for political purposes which magically align with the platforms of the Democratic Party. They are a center-left version of Jerry Falwell Jr. I suspect they will all eventually fall to dpmonahan’s Fourth […]

Degenerate Hoodrats: A dialogue in Moral Theology

K: I get so pissed at people who are uptight over sexual sins. It isn’t exactly converting anyone, and everyone can see the hypocrisy. DP: People still get uptight over sexual sin? K: In my family, yes. [Some relative] would not attend a wedding because the bride and groom were living together beforehand. DP: Yeah, that is uptight. K: The same […]

Not A Conspiracy

The Guardian has an article called The Sugar Conspiracy which recaps the story of how fat and cholesterol were demonized in the 1970s as the drivers of heart disease and obesity, when in fact the true culprit was sugar, either consumed as fructose or as excess starches. I doubt the article was named by the author, because the […]