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On Hate Crime Hoaxes

“Hate crimes”, committing a crime against someone based some personal characteristic of theirs, are vanishingly rare in the United States. The only sort of hate crime that seems to being growing in America are crimes against Jews, most likely due to the increasing Muslim population. People like to fake hate crimes against themselves. I think […]

Anti-gay witchhunt?

Sociologist Frederic Martel is coming out with a book reporting on homosexual networks in the Vatican and Frank Bruni of the NTY is nervous: But I’m bothered and even a little scared. Whatever Martel’s intent, “In the Closet of the Vatican” may be less a constructive reckoning than a stockpile of ammunition for militant right-wing Catholics […]

Rock Bands I Dislike

I’ve taken the time to write about rock music I like, but what about rock music I don’t like? Here are some lists of some bands that make me change the radio station every time they come on, categorized by levels of distaste. Never liked ’em, never will: Green Day: It isn’t the music I […]

Baptist sex scandals

From the Huston Chronicle: In all, since 1998, roughly 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced allegations of sexual misconduct, the newspapers found. That includes those who were convicted, credibly accused and successfully sued, and those who confessed or resigned. More of them worked in Texas than in any other state. They left […]

Hunky Dory

After decades of ignoring David Bowie’s work (beyond his standard radio fare) I’m finally starting to dip in. His output was impressive – 27 studio albums, 11 in the ’70s alone – so it will take a while to get a handle on it. I’ve been skipping around, 1971’s Hunky Dory is my favorite album thus […]

Covington Catholic Post-Mortem

  Time to wrap this story up. No one is still honestly insisting the boys did anything wrong. Their parents are lawyering up, and I sincerely hope they go Peter Thiel on the ass of a few media companies. It is difficult but possible to show malice in misreporting, since all these journalists had to […]

Quote of the Day

The full video reveals that these kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it. -Caitlin Flannigan, The Atlantic Tom Wolfe, of course, was the rapscallion who predicted all these stupid race and media flaps in absurdist novels like A Man in Full and Bonfire of the Vanities. Wolfe himself […]