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Why We Blame Boys

When a journalist claims that Evangelical college girls are dying for boys to ask them out but the boys are too hooked on porn to notice, some people will declare a national porn emergency, thump their chests, display their glorious virtues and condemn the horrible, dirty boys for Hurting Our Girls. Why? Why not blame […]

Apparently I am a Porn Apologist

I’ve been participating in the discussion on Rod Dreher’s blog as my normal, charming self: alternately curt and bloviating, occasionally sarcastic and always condescending. What can I say, I am a sinner. Dreher was reporting the anecdotal claims of Evangelical college professors that good Christian girls were dying to be asked out but the boys […]

Pornography and gender roles

Rod Dreher says: Pornography is destroying a generation. It really is. One of the profs told me that his female students can’t get dates. Young men aren’t interested in relationships. Those who do ask women out tell them at the outset that they (the women) have to be cool with their pornography habits. From what […]

WWIII began and ended

So, last night WWIII started and ended. I found out about it this morning. A couple of years ago I met a well-educated middle-aged couple at a sushi bar. We had a good conversation. As they got up to leave the wife let it drop that had retired early and had been careful with their […]

They Don’t Hate the Babylon Bee…

Saw this tweet: Having a disclaimer buried somewhere on your site that says it’s “satire” seems like a good way to get around a lot of the changes Facebook has made to reduce the spread of clickbait and misinformation. — Donie O'Sullivan (@donie) January 5, 2020 So, why all the hate for Babylon Bee and […]

Qassem Soleimani

Thoughts on the assassination of Qassem Soleimani : It does not matter if he was a “bad guy” or not. The question is whether or not his assassination furthers U.S. interests. Saddam and Qaddafi were “bad guys” but the U.S. led toppling efforts were serious strategic errors. The assassination (as well as the arrest of […]

Book Review: American Seafood by Barton Seaver

American Seafood is a coffee table book by Barton Seaver, a Maine-based chef and author. It contains essays about the history of American fisheries and conservation efforts, along with articles on 500 species of aquatic edibles explaining their ecological and culinary roles, how they are caught, and how they should be cooked. I adore this […]