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Minnesota Bishops to Ignore Governor’s Orders, Reopen Churches

UPDATE: Defying governor, Lutheran a nd Catholic leaders in Minnesota plan to resume services. — Star Tribune (@StarTribune) May 21, 2020 The reactions to this news have been predictable. Libertarian-minded people are cheering the openings while ignoring that the bishops’ guidelines for opening are quite cautious: encouraging high-risk individuals to stay home, leaving the […]

Did Marxism really lose the Cold War?

Reflecting on contemporary developments of the sexual revolution, Carlo Lancellotti comments that today’s rejection of the concept of human nature is done on moral grounds rather than philosophical: This denial of “essentialism” (i.e. the normative aspect of human nature -DPM) could be interpreted as a mere instance of nominalism or positivism, except that its motivation […]

Covid-19 Thoughts

The pot calls the kettle black: Rod Dreher is accusing R.R. Reno of melting down over the Covid-19 shutdowns; Dreher collapsed into a steaming puddle of goo six weeks ago. Reno is being silly, of course, calling wearing masks an act of cowardice when it is an act of prudence in an uncertain situation. We […]

Silver Darlin’s

With the lockdown I’ve been out fishing more but between my inexperience and the unseasonably cold weather I haven’t been catching anything. Still, a bad day fishing is better than a good day in quarantine. Catching fish is a matter of: location: if you are not where the fish are, you are not going to […]


Here is a good write-up of the polyamory movement: I liked this quote: The civil rights concerns of the non-monogamous and other minorities are dissimilar in some ways. Unlike earlier civil rights movements, non-monogamy has the potential of affecting a majority of the population, since membership in the group is theoretically open to everyone. “In […]

Coronavirus lifestyle changes

I didn’t really have to go to the supermarket but I was out of eggs, running low on toilette paper, and bored out of my mind. Most shoppers were polite, though some seemed on edge. Everyone was buying enough to feed an army except me. Besides eggs and T.P., I bought cheese, kippers, canned octopus, […]

Am I Paranoid?

Every few months there is a news story reporting on how insects are a nutritious and delicious source of protein, and an environmentally sound alternative to beef. In 2019 “tiny living” and “tiny house” was being pushed far and wide as a wonderful lifestyle (which it can be if you are single). And so you […]