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Covid-19 Thoughts

The pot calls the kettle black: Rod Dreher is accusing R.R. Reno of melting down over the Covid-19 shutdowns; Dreher collapsed into a steaming puddle of goo six weeks ago. Reno is being silly, of course, calling wearing masks an act of cowardice when it is an act of prudence in an uncertain situation. We […]

A Very Coronavirus Weekend

Friday I got a haircut because I was afraid if there was a general shut-down I wouldn’t be able to get one. I went food shopping even though I didn’t really need anything, just in case. The supermarket was well-stocked except all the milk and chicken was gone, even chicken livers, which I thought was […]

Coronavisus Freakout

Here in the U.S. the Coronavirus will either a bad flu on the scale of SARS or Swine Flu, or an epidemic on the level of the Spanish Flu, depending on to whom you listen. The severity of the predictions depends on how much you trust the President, which is silly because the President does […]

Hillary Clinton is a TERF!

"Hillary Clinton has continued her unlikely TERF rebrand this week by claiming that trans issues pose a “legitimate concern” for cisgender women." — Untitled Snooze Game (@Snoozelle) November 14, 2019 This isn’t a surprise, Clinton has always been a late adopter of moral fads: she was against gay marriage until 2010 or so. We can […]

The Great Unmasking Continues

We live in an apocalyptic age, for the literal meaning of the word “apocalypse” is uncovering. The New Testament promised would happen at the end of the world, that everything hidden would be revealed. I’m not saying we have reached the end of time, but maybe we have lots of little apocalypses building up the […]

Dispatches from the Stupid Age

The Guardian has an article about the resurgence of witchcraft in the days of Trump. Does any of this sound sane to you? But the old, dark power – the choice to worship something other than patriarchy’s gods, to reject and read backward the narratives of the dominant culture – was still there. The Trump […]