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Personal Jesus

I don’t know the history of the song but Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus sounds like a parody of TV evangelism. To me, it also describes the basic flaw of so much of contemporary Christianity. As I pointed out in a previous post, there is no being a Christian without being a “churchian”. We treat the […]

Repost: How not to read the Bible

After perusing an argument on another blog in which some autistic guys were arguing that the Bible nowhere condemns fornication, porn, or polygamy (except when it does) so those acts are A-OK, I decided I should dust off this old post.    Whatever the Reformers were trying to accomplish with the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, […]


“Churchian” is an insult that gets thrown around quite a bit in certain corners of the internet. It implies someone is not a “Christian” i.e. a follower of Christ, but a poor parody of one, a mere follower of the church. It is parallel to the slur of “cuckservative”, a conservative who has unconsciously internalized […]

Review: In Search of St Peter

Last night I watched the BBC documentary In the Footsteps of St Peter hosted by David Suchet of Poirot fame. It is free with Amazon Prime. Conclusion: it was not bad. But I did not really learn much I would not have picked up from reading the New Testament. One new item I learned was that his hometown, […]


A supposed man of God slobbering all over himself to praise a politician is absurd. This is 90% silliness but I can’t help feeling it is flirting with blasphemy. I can understand someone voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils (though one could make an equally coherent argument that Clinton was the lesser […]

Repost: Is Pity a Christian Virtue?

This old post is getting some views lately. It is lazy but it has some good ideas in it. In The Antichrist Frederick Nietzsche starts his takedown of Christianity with an attack on the virtue of pity. Christianity is the religion of pity, he says, though what seems to be a virtue is in reality a paralyzing, life-denying vice. […]

College is no place for teaching

An irritating blog I follow is one called Daily Theology, which is run by grad students in Catholic theology departments. For them, theology is not studied for its own sake but for political purposes which magically align with the platforms of the Democratic Party. They are a center-left version of Jerry Falwell Jr. I suspect they will all eventually fall to dpmonahan’s Fourth […]