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Repost: Is Pity a Christian Virtue?

This old post is getting some views lately. It is lazy but it has some good ideas in it. In The Antichrist Frederick Nietzsche starts his takedown of Christianity with an attack on the virtue of pity. Christianity is the religion of pity, he says, though what seems to be a virtue is in reality a paralyzing, life-denying vice. […]

College is no place for teaching

An irritating blog I follow is one called Daily Theology, which is run by grad students in Catholic theology departments. For them, theology is not studied for its own sake but for political purposes which magically align with the platforms of the Democratic Party. They are a center-left version of Jerry Falwell Jr. I suspect they will all eventually fall to dpmonahan’s Fourth […]

This is the Church

The church is privileged. The church only cares about power. The church wants to run my life. Stupid Christians worship white Jesus. America is a Christian Nation. God Bless America. We must defend Christendom! Meanwhile the oldest Christian churches in the world are reliving the crucifixion. Have been for 13 centuries.

Less Religion = Less Tolerance?

I’m always paraphrasing Orwell and saying that the future will be an Alt-right Trump supporter and a sweaty obese college feminist, screaming in your face, forever. There is an article in The Atlantic that mostly agrees: the rise of Trump corresponds closely to the dropping church-affiliation of Republicans. The rise of dumb-ass campus leftism (the author concentrates on BLM but he could be talking about […]

No, Intersectionality is not a Religion

The ever-excitable Andrew Sullivan on the neo-Marxist craze of Intersectionality: It is operating, in Orwell’s words, as a “smelly little orthodoxy,” and it manifests itself, it seems to me, almost as a religion. It posits a classic orthodoxy through which all of human experience is explained — and through which all speech must be filtered. […]

The Many and the Few

A newly translated lecture by Joseph Ratzinger from 1958 has been published at Homiletic and Pastoral Review, dealing with the pastoral problems of running a church where the majority of members are not in fact believers, or who have only a tenuous faith. It is surprisingly timely. Despite the charge often leveled against Ratzinger that […]

The Christian Left

This is an old post about the failures of Progressive Christianity. It is still relevant now that we see the Religious Right determined to follow down the same path.  I link to parts two and three below. There used to be a lively Christian Left in America which while not quite yet extinct is teetering on […]