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Christian Artists?

Change “Christian artists” in the tweet below for “American Evangelical artists since 1970” and he might be right. Most “secular” artists have a better grasp on why we make art than many Christian artists. Christians get hung up on trying to use art in some utilitarian way to preach. Plenty of seculars preach, but most […]

Theory on why churches can’t reach men

A friend was complaining that the church is incapable of reaching men: there is nothing specifically male in practical church teaching. When one attends church events that cater to men, there is nothing said, taught, or done that does not equally apply to women or even children. He was speaking about the Catholic Church but […]

Can A Christian Believe Critical Race Theory? (No)

There is plenty to reject about Critical Race Theory (CRT): it is a fundamentally paranoid way of looking at the world, distorting the facts on the ground to the point that it makes prudential action impossible; it is a closed-off “hermeneutic of suspicion” which turns everyone who criticizes it into a white supremacist; it’s true […]

A Serious Church

We Americans have our good qualities but seriousness is not one of them. Perhaps at one time we were a serious people but consumerism, fear of suffering and self-absorption have taken over the nation and infected our religion. Jon Gabriel of the libertarian-leaning Ricochet blog has been writing about his disillusionment with Evangelical Christianity which […]

Canceling the Saints

Protestors are demanding that the city of St Louis MO remove the statue of its namesake, King St Louis IX of France, because he burnt Talumuds on the orders of the Pope and went on Crusade, but local Catholics have been blocking them. The burning of Talmuds was a regrettable overreaction to a moral panic […]

The Collapse of American Christianity

I’m rereading Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins which was published in 1971 but takes place in the then-near-future of the 1980s or 90s (in the novel there are self-contradictory hints to the exact year). Percy hits on several predictions: the legalization of abortion, the growth of gated communities and hollowing out of town centers, […]

Is God Knowable by Reason Alone?

The First Vatican Council’s teaching in the document Dei Filius that God’s existence and some of his attributes are knowable by the light of reason alone is the church doctrine that most gives me pause. Stuff like the resurrection of the dead and the virgin birth are comparatively easy to believe because the resurrection of […]

Minnesota Bishops to Ignore Governor’s Orders, Reopen Churches

UPDATE: Defying governor, Lutheran a nd Catholic leaders in Minnesota plan to resume services. — Star Tribune (@StarTribune) May 21, 2020 The reactions to this news have been predictable. Libertarian-minded people are cheering the openings while ignoring that the bishops’ guidelines for opening are quite cautious: encouraging high-risk individuals to stay home, leaving the […]

Good News?

Cardinal Pell’s conviction of the sexual abuse of a minor has been overturned. Is this good news? Yes, because anyone who has ever been in a sacristy after Mass – especially a one involving a Bishop – knows that the accuser’s story is highly improbable. Like, Jussie Smollett improbable. Here is why it is not […]

Keeping up appearances

Rod Dreher has been predicting that there will be some sort of anti-Christian backlash after the Coronavirus because 1) some Christians voted Trump and 2) sooner or later Trump is going to kill us all with his incompetence. To prove the point he’s quoted a NYT opinion piece that blamed churches that refused to shut […]