From the piece my choir is preforming for our winter concert. I don’t want to say it is the hardest thing we have sung, not after Daniel Pinkham and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, but it is right up there. Give a listen. Advertisements

Thoughts on sexual abusers: Some people are speculating that Hollywood is about to undergo the same sort of debilitating sex scandals that kneecapped the moral authority of the Catholic Church. Keep in mind, the problem with the Church wasn’t that somewhere between 1.5 and 2% of priests had a taste for teenaged boys, or even […]

The development of Trinitarian dogma is an odd history that I won’t attempt to recreate, but the interest of the Church over the first few centuries was things like: to maintain the Apostolic teaching that Jesus of Nazareth was “true God and true man” in the fullest sense of both terms. to maintain the form […]

I have been predicting the general collapse of the church in America. Tribal affiliation as a Christian or Catholic will become more costly and the faith will become more incomprehensible to people than it already is. As a society we have lost the ability to grasp the unstated assumptions of faith, for example, that some […]

Rod Dreher has been rehashing his conversion to Orthodoxy after his disillusionment with the Catholic Church, suggesting that his motive for becoming Catholic was based on a desire to be on the intellectually superior side, and to be associated with such great men as John Paul II, maybe (he suggests) because he was searching for […]

Tom Petty and Roy Orbison were hanging out in an all night diner in LA when they noticed a bunch of weirdos decked out in face paint, chains and black clothing going in and out. Striking up a conversation with some they realized these were just teenagers getting ready for an all night under-17 dance […]

  The discrediting of American institutions continues with the NFL flap. Let us review the layers of stupid: NFL owners should have stopped players from protesting the anthem knowing it would piss off the fans, however well intentioned the players may be: the field is their workplace, not a space for politics. People watch sports […]