"Hillary Clinton has continued her unlikely TERF rebrand this week by claiming that trans issues pose a “legitimate concern” for cisgender women."https://t.co/7evpcNob7q — Untitled Snooze Game (@Snoozelle) November 14, 2019 This isn’t a surprise, Clinton has always been a late adopter of moral fads: she was against gay marriage until 2010 or so. We can […]

I’ve always argued that empathy does not work for determining ethical behavior because it is 1) selective and 2) it provides no direction for how to act.  A new study suggests that people with high levels of empathy also have high levels of schadenfreude. That is, the more they empathetic they are, the more they […]

Scott Alexander points out the sudden rise and fall of New Atheism, which in the mid 2000s transitioned from rational arguments about the non-existence of God to a sort of umbrella for Progressive activists. He argues that the reasons are ultimately political. President Bush was an Evangelical, so Progressives focused on atheism as a way […]

This is a repost. The original was widely misunderstood; I of course don’t really think there are three and only three kinds of Christians. The point is that it is fairly easy to anticipate what the arguments and struggles in American churches are going to look like as they enter demographic collapse over the next […]

I was lucky enough to hear this at Mass, yesterday being the feast of Christ the King in the old calendar (I was at an old Mass); in the new calendar it is celebrated in November at the end of the liturgical year, right before the beginning of Advent. The choir wasn’t great, a flat […]

The so-called Amazonian synod is an attempt at changing church doctrine to make the German Bishops happy, with the excuse that the changes would benefit people living in the Amazonian rain forest. Everyone knows it has nothing to do with opinions in the Amazon and everything to do with opinions on the Rhine. Catholic media […]

This morning on the radio my state governor (R) was arguing for the benefits of making it illegal for restaurants to serve plastic straws unasked under pain of a $300 fine. Apparently the straws can still be held under the counter somewhere and customers will have to request them or go strawless. It does not […]