It was in spring or summer of 2016 or so that I realized I no longer understood the political and social landscape; the zeitgeist had decidedly passed me by. What I thought I knew, I no longer did. That feeling only increased during the Trump Presidency which saw the ripening of new political coalitions and […]

Here is a theory I’ve stated elsewhere in an sloppy, unorganized way: Either the human perception of order, goodness and beauty is an experience of something really existing in the world, or it is a projection of the human mind upon the world. Whether order, goodness and beauty are real or projections is unproveable. The […]

I’ve been complaining about the collapsing credibility of American institutions since 2016 or so. I suppose this is not the first “Great Discrediting”, there seems to have been a previous wave of it in the late 60s and early 70s back when the Holden Caulfields of the world were criticizing the phonies*. That was before […]

The salient traits of the American character today are fear, catastrophism, credulity, conspiratorial thinking, self victimization, and political messianism. These traits cut across political lines, most of us are infected to one degree or another. They all indicate a poor sense of agency; people with these traits do not believe they are in control of […]

A year ago I was bored stiff at work and decided that in 2020 I would find a new job. By April I was glad I didn’t; at my current job I am able to work from home in a stable industry. I got paid every two weeks, covering all my bills and all my […]

Since getting back into saltwater fishing I’ve been curious about why America’s saltwater fishery management is such a scandalous failure. If the point of scientific management is to maintain fish stocks, and if every scientifically managed fish population has collapsed at some point in the last 60 years, then the science of fisheries management must […]

American fisheries management has been an almost complete failure. There are a lot of reasons for this and I could dedicate an entire separate blog to the theme. Suffice to say that cod, once the cornerstone of New England wealth, has ceased to be a commercially viable species in the Gulf of Maine, undergoing one […]

I have not been able to shake the thought that this generation’s emotivism is shameful. I could not imagine my dad having an emotional meltdown on twitter or Facebook, and yet I’ve seen Millennial men and even members of my own blessed Generation X doing just that over Covid and Trump. Like anyone else on […]

Once-upon-a-time I made the mistake of saying “nah, I don’t date single moms” out loud and got a lot of push-back. Single moms are sacred to Americans. I may as well have said “nah, I don’t respect wounded veterans” or “yeah, I like drowning puppies”. I was lucky to grow up in an intact and […]

Thanks to a suit brought by the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and some Orthodox Jews, the Supreme Court has ruled that Governor Andrew Cuomo, Vanquisher of Nursing Homes, cannot put arbitrary burdens on religious services during the Forever War on Covid. Justice Gorsch argues: … the Governor has chosen to impose no capacity restrictions on […]