I stumbled across a long documentary about a TV show from my childhood that I had all but forgotten, Nickelodeon’s You Can’t Do that on Television. (YCDTOTV). It is about 90 minutes long but good. YCDTOTV was an Ottawa-based variety show with a cast of about half-a-dozen preteen children and two adult actors. Each show was built […]

I don’t consider myself a Deadhead, but since I own more Grateful Dead (GD) albums than any other rock band I must be something more than a casual. I like them because 1) they are fun, 2) eclectic and 3) a great cover band (which is harder than it sounds). Here is how I would […]

A commenter reminded me of a short story I posted here in 2014 and which was first written in 2010 or so. I remember posting it with some embarrassment since I felt that it was a) sentimental and b) somewhat sprawling. It is basically a nostalgia piece based on my own recollections of Irish funerals […]

I’ve had a very John Carpenter week, rewatching They Live and Big Trouble in Little China, and attempting Escape from New York. They Live is, of course, a classic. Granted it starts out as hamfisted socialist propaganda but once Roddy Piper puts on the sunglasses it turns into a solid sci-fi action movie. Pop entertainment […]

Fiction is shot through with male power fantasy from Hercules to James Bond. What would you do if endowed with great strength, cunning and (while we are at it) good looks? Why, kill my enemies and bed dozens of women, of course. But there is also something about male power fantasy that resists facility. There […]

Per my usual habit of always being at least two years behind the times I have finally gotten round to seeing the first season of Stranger Things the horror-suspense series on Netflix. I’m really enjoying it. Anyone who grew up in the 80 and 90s will recognize the influence of works like Carrie, Firestarter, Alien, The X-Files, […]

This year I’ve made it a point to go back and rewatch some of my favorite movies from my boyhood. Some, like Raiders of the Lost Arc, A Man for All Seasons and the original Star Wars have aged like Wynona Ryder, which is to say really well. Other movies have aged more like Carrie Fisher sucking […]