Between this website and elsewhere, I’ve been called a racist half a dozen times this week because I think the current rush to eliminate the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (incorrectly called the Confederate Flag) from public consciousness is a perfect example of moral hysteria and self-righteous bullying. Here is my reasoning: the flag hurts […]


The oldest political cabal in America spent the majority of its history systematically oppressing blacks. This insidious group, founded by slave owners, defended the wicked institution to the point of pushing the nation into a bloody Civil War that killed 600,000 Americans. After the Civil War, this political faction spent the next century enforcing segregation […]

1. I’ve never been opposed to, say, a homosexual couple celebrating a wedding in a Unitarian church. Fine for them, it is a free country, and that sort of stuff is what the Unitarians exist for. But it has always seemed to me that homosexual sex is by its very nature a private affair and […]

Aww shucks! You caught me!

AIDS: Anyone, anywhere, can get it, at anytime. In a pubic restroom, at the dentists or borrowing a toothbrush! Violent Video Games teach kids to kill people! Subliminal Messages in Rock Music Teach Kids to Worship Satan. The game Dungeons and Dragons makes people worship Satan! One in five college girls are Victims of Rape!!!, because Columbia, […]


Below is an old post about moral panics in America. The current panic over the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (commonly and erroneously called the Confederate Flag, which is something completely different) is no different from any other moral panic we’ve ever had to suffer through, from witches in Salem to subliminal lyrics to campus rape […]

There are widespread calls to ban the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (aka “The Confederate Flag”) after the murder of nine black churchgoers by a deranged boy. Republicans and Democrats alike call for it, because they are all incredibly stupid human beings. Here is an AMAZING FACT: the Battle Flag didn’t kill those nine people, […]

Yesterday I quoted Bernard Lonergan on civilizational decline.  Today I discover Victor Davis Hanson talking about the drought in California: Let us face elemental reality. A 40-million person California is an iffy place. It is entirely dependent on a sophisticated, man-created infrastructure of dams, reservoirs, canals, pumps, freeways, rail lines, airports, and schools and universities. […]


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