Pride Month is the anti-Advent. 6th month vs 12th month; Summer solstice vs winter solstice; Pride vs humility; Noise vs silence; Gratification vs abnegation; Sterility vs fecundity. Both celebrations are about marginalized people: Mary and Joseph were not elites but were poor people in a difficult situation. Unplanned pregnancy is where most of us originated, […]

In my last post I threw out the idea that the infrastructure of the pro-life movement in the United States was largely built by Catholic laywomen. Stay-at-home Catholic moms built the lobbying groups and crisis pregnancy centers, and organized the marches, often in opposition to a limp-wristed and morally compromised clerical class. Laymen did more […]

First, you can thank the American Catholic laity for it. In most polls Catholics have the same opinions on abortion as everyone else, but pro-life Catholics are the backbone of the movement. It was lay Catholics who developed the legal arguments, organized the marches, created the lobbying groups and founded the crisis pregnancy centers, often […]

The pro abortion left had a month to organize riots. During that time they firebombed a crisis pregnancy center or two, protested outside some Supreme Court Justices’ homes, and made a lot of threats, but the promised “Night of Rage” never materialized. Yes, they got some action in LA, Seattle, and the Arizona Statehouse, but […]

Enlightened parents and educators have been bringing children, some quite small, to drag shows. This will have the effect of destabilizing the child’s na├»ve, acritical acceptance that gender = sex. I can think of three good reasons to do this: If you believe that gender norms are inherently oppressive and that gender should be a […]

Sex is biological and binary. Some claim that there is a separate social and psychological construct called gender. The idea is that while for most of us sex and gender are the same thing, for some people sex is one thing and gender is something else. Hence, a person can be sexually male but his […]

If transsexuals represent about 0.2 percent of the population why is there such a popular fascination with them? They are what a sociologist would call a condensed symbol, a cultural rallying point that somehow represents the aspirations of the group, though this might come as a surprise to some of the unfortunates who actually suffer […]

Today I posted this to Facebook: I’m not a big Johnny Depp fan. Depp is a good actor, I just don’t get into his movies. He was good as Jack Sparrow, but not good enough to make the Disney Pirate stuff watchable. I really liked Edward Scissorhands and I guess Black Mass was OK. I […]

I never realized that the feast of St George Floyd falls within the Novena of the start of Pride Month. Which of course proves the truism:

Saturday morning I got my first keeper flounder of the year fishing off Salem Willows. My kayak is on the bottom and that is Beverly, MA in the distance. There is some distortion in the picture, she is 15 inches long, which is a decent size for a winter flounder. Legal length is 12″ but […]