I once said that the only decent movies about God are made by Jews – two Jews to be precise, Joel and Ethan Cohen. Turns out they are also the only ones making good movies about the Catholic Church too. Their latest, Hail Ceasar, can be enjoyed as an homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood, where […]

For some reason this post from 2013 about Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins is getting lots of traffic. That is fitting: it is an apocalyptic novel and we are coming off an apocalyptic year. Now is a great time to read this book. Apocalypses are written by prophets, and much of it has come to pass. […]

I have no hope that Trump will be a good president, but I’m not particularly bothered by him either. Sure, he is a clown, but then so was the last guy (a priggish, condescending clown), and the guy before him (an ideological clown) and the guy before that guy (a white trash clown). Trump is […]

WaPo has a neat story that describes Wall Street recruiting. Contrary to popular belief, Wall Street does not attract “the best and brightest” STEM students; the best and brightest end up in research. Wall Street does however attract under-preforming students from elite engineering schools like MIT or the Ivy League. Critics say that firms aren’t really interested […]

Read Rod Dreher today: Capitalism, Community, Christianity. It says things I’ve felt, but had a hard time explaining.

I’ve had this blog since 2011. My, how time flies. I’m going to give it a rest for a month or so. Maybe I’ll pick it up again, maybe not. At the beginning I had a lot of unfinished thoughts that needed expressing, lots of books I’d read that needed digesting, but as time went […]

Bret Stephens in the WSJ: The populist wave now cresting across much of the world is sometimes described as a revolt against globalization: immigrants failing to assimilate the values of their hosts, poorer countries drawing jobs from richer ones, and so on. But the root complaint is not about economics. It’s about justice. Why does […]