There are many, the most obvious one being that the Baltimore riot was a riot, and the Waco shoot-out was a shoot-out. The second most obvious was that the Baltimore riot had started as a legitimate and even necessary protest before a handful of young idiots decided to take advantage of the situation and steal […]


My current hometown of Clinton, MA came in as America’s 9th safest city according to FBI statistics complied by Safewise. I’m surprised to see Clinton called a city since it only has about 13,000 inhabitants. Most of the towns on the list are wealthy, Clinton is not. It is a densely populated industrial town. Safewise attributes […]

Originally posted on Dover Beach:
Henry Parsons Crowell ? This article by Daniel Silliman is interesting: ? “One of the main points of my story is that the particular arrangement we see today of evangelicals’ alignment with business is not a new phenomenon. It can be traced back, specifically to the Gilded Age and Progressive…

Obama is pushing a free-trade bill, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that would increase our trade ties with several Pacific-Rim nations. I don’t often speak well of Obama, but even an ineffectual scold like him can have a decent idea every once in a while. Good job, Mr. President! I grant you that which you have so […]


    Pope Francis explained the Charlie Hebdo murders this way: if you insult my mother, you are going to get hit. I think Pope Francis is a decent man trying to understand things the way decent men do, by relating them to their own experience. Yes, anger, and even limited forms of violence, are natural […]

As a boy at Our Lady of Jasna Gora Elementary School I always thrilled to the words teachers meeting, because it meant no classes for the last two periods of the day. Teachers meetings were held seemingly at random, every other year or so, perhaps in response to some crisis. Their very infrequency made them what every schoolchild […]

Police Violence: The protests started in Baltimore because a young (black) man died in police custody. We don’t know the details of what happened, doubtless there will be an investigation. Here is my take: the police are not perfect. They have many laws to enforce, and there seems to be an “shoot first, ask questions […]


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