I suppose I was lucky enough to come of age during a relatively peaceful time of world history. I was born after Vietnam and the social strife of the 1970s. There was the Cold War of course, but we didn’t obsess over it. If my philosophy-major math serves me correct, I was 10 years old […]

I’ve been listening to the Grateful Dead (GD) for years but poverty and work kept me from ever going to a live show. Thanks to the suggestion of an old school friend (whom I haven’t seen since 2002!) I finally decided to go with him to see the current incarnation of the band, Dead and […]

Someone pointed out that my concept of the anti-government is similar to Sam Francis’ concept of anarcho-tyranny. An anarcho-tyranny is a situation in which government multiplies crimes for ordinary people while letting traditional criminals walk. His prime example is gun control: the government tries to make gun ownership a crime while not doing much to […]

In my last post I described how elements of the U.S. government are in fact an anti-government motivated by utopian ideologies and spite. The anti-government isn’t intentionally incompetent, the incompetence comes with the ideology. With the collapse of government credibility in Afghanistan, how much longer can the anti-government survive? Surely this destructive imbecility can’t last […]

The United States government is increasingly becoming an anti-government. It does not attempt to preserve order, but to undermine it. Example 1 is the government’s refusal to enforce its own immigration law, overwhelming its own border police, incentivizing human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other forms of criminality not only here in the U.S. but also […]

War on terror: Undefined / shifting goals. Official lies. Massive expansion of government power. Loss of government credibility. Hysteria / propaganda. War on Covid: Well, hopefully it won’t take 20 years to wrap up. The main role of the American government is now to cause chaos. It created chaos in the Middle East for a […]

Christian Red Pill bloggers like Aaron Renn insist (against the claims of Evangelical preachers) that godliness does not attract women. Women, instead, are attracted to power, what we call “alpha” attributes, i.e. size, strength, status, confidence, money. In fact, godliness is unattractive. Godliness is “beta”. Women will settle for “betas” because they are good providers, […]

Just a brief thought: Americans are highly ideological, I suspect because ideology provides us excuse to outsource decision-making. For example, free-market ideology assures us that minimal government interference in the economy results in the best possible economic outcomes. By insisting on this principle we avoid having to make decisions about the economy, the “invisible hand” […]

We don’t get a lot of summer flounder (fluke) north of Cape Cod but Massachusetts Bay is one of the best places in the world for catching its smaller but tastier cousin, the winter flounder. The fluke’s main range is from the Carolinas to Cape Cod and the winter flounder’s main range is from the […]

I am reading James Scott’s Seeing Like A State thanks to the recommendation of commenter Billy Jack. The thesis of Seeing Like a State is that governments attempt to rationalize society according to theoretical maps that necessarily distort reality because the map is only concerned with state interests. A state will create monocrop forests in […]