I’m always paraphrasing Orwell and saying that the future will be an Alt-right Trump supporter and a sweaty obese college feminist, screaming in your face, forever. There is an article in The Atlantic that mostly agrees: the rise of Trump corresponds closely to the dropping church-affiliation of Republicans. The rise of dumb-ass campus leftism (the author concentrates on BLM but he could be talking about […]

Kevin Williamson points out what we all know, but have not wanted to admit: The Democrats have become what the Republicans once were: the party of the respectable upper-middle class — and of many of those who aspire to it. (The poor are for patronage and vote-farming.) They are, as the bourgeoisie always are, obsessed […]

The neighborhood battened down the hatches until early afternoon. Around three the snow blowers and plows started up, not so much because the bad weather had passed as the fact that sunset was coming soon and snow clearing could start now or never. Despite all the hysteria on cable news, it isn’t a particularly bad storm, we’ve had worse this […]

The ever-excitable Andrew Sullivan on the neo-Marxist craze of Intersectionality: It is operating, in Orwell’s words, as a “smelly little orthodoxy,” and it manifests itself, it seems to me, almost as a religion. It posits a classic orthodoxy through which all of human experience is explained — and through which all speech must be filtered. […]

Issues of sexual identity and sexual morality are pretty boring: humans are equipped with reproductive organs and there is a healthy and proper way to use them and various improper ways. Since it is very easy to use them improperly it is best to respect our own and everyone else’s privacy. So why is there so much […]

When I started T&T I had lots of ideas in my head that needed expressing. I thought long and hard about what the blog would be about, little knowing it would devolve into what it is today. Today I launched a new blog upon minimum reflection. I have only the fuzziest idea of what it […]

I find Trump irritating, but I find all politicians irritating. My ideal politician would be someone like Calvin Coolidge, a deeply introverted man who did not like talking and who avoided publicity. I still have a hard time grasping why people – including many people I know and respect – are drawn to Trump. According to NYU […]