Thanks to the snowstorm my plans were canceled. Rather than just sit around the apartment and rant on WordPress I thought, David, why not go out and take some picturesque photos of this lovely town, and post them on Facebook for your friends and family? So I got my digital camera and ventured out to […]

I’ve predicted before that over the next 20 years or so numbers of self-identifying Christians in America will plummet across denominations. Some mainline denominations will cease to exist except on paper. Some denominations that currently look big will suddenly become small. Christians who keep the faith will do so the way Jews have traditionally done […]

Ace of Spades comments on the result of the various sex scandals and the disintegrating FBI Russia probe: As a conservative… I tend to support the existing order and assume that institutions charged with protecting that order are overwhelmingly fair. I had previously viewed claims of widespread, endemic corruption and the license of the rich […]

Tonight my choir is supposed to preform its winter concert. Of course, the weather mages are predicting that Massachusetts is about to get hit by the first Nor’easter of the year. For those who don’t know, a Nor’easter is not a mere “blizzard” filled what you might call “snow” (though we get those too), but […]

I’m settling into my new apartment and new town, but I could not help putting up one more homage to Worcester, a city which Truman Capote called a Massachusetts factory town of steep up and down streets that even in the best of weather seemed cheerless and hostile. My new abode is Salem, of all […]

Last week I bid farewell to Worcester. Thursday was my last night in New England’s second largest city so I hit Shrewsbury Street for a final pub crawl, and in doing so I proved the existence of God. It happened thus: the trendy restaurant I had been planning on hitting first to had folded (as […]

I have not been posting much lately, life has taken a turn for the busy. My commute has gone from 40 minutes a day to 3 hours. Fortunately I have an apartment lined up closer to my new job and I should be moving by the end of the week. As I pack I listen […]