In the last week lefty activists have escalated their harassment campaign adding Mitch McConnell, Kellyanne Conway, and Stephen Miller to people that they have hounded in private. To normal humans this is a bad look. I have a theory as to why the Democrats are allowing this: their internal polling numbers are bad and they […]

The Democrats’ current push for voters:  

The challenge of making a list of the greatest rock albums of all time is coming up with criteria. The more objective you want to be, the less likely your own personal favorites appear on the list. Most objective lists will include albums like Pet Sounds, Sargent Pepper and something by Prince, none of which I am actually […]

Per the Daily Beast: The moral corruption apparent in the largest segment of American Protestantism began in the ’80s when Jerry Falwell Sr.’s Moral Majority and Ralph Reed’s Christian Coalition started to cozy up to politicians with a conservative social and economic agenda. It’s precisely at that moment when pollsters began to record a retreat […]

After early success with The Force Awakens Disney is now risking losing money on its newly acquired Star Wars franchise. Fans say they don’t like how Disney killed off the old characters and complain that the new characters are either boring or outright irritating. Disney reacts by saying the fans just don’t like ethnically diverse […]

  Some people don’t like politics in their entertainment, and some entertainers answer that all art is political, so suck it up and buy our politicized art. Well, are they right? Is all art political? I don’t know. One could argue that all art takes place in a social context and all social contexts have […]

Stephen Hayward in the the WSJ argues that Climate Change is dead as a political cause. He uses Anthony Downs “Issue-Attention” cycle to map its decline. Every cause goes through the following process: Experts and activists sound the alarm about a problem needing public attention. Media and politicians discover the issue, bringing about a period […]