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Fitness Friday!

Welcome to Fitness Friday, where I motivate myself to stay in shape by putting embarrassing failures on the internet. To cut back on calories I ended up both cutting out salad dressing and replacing breakfast with a mid-morning snack. I’ve stopped getting fatter and am maybe moving in the opposite direction, another week will tell. […]

Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday, where I use myself as a guinea pig to test all sorts of fitness gimmicks. My goal is to have the body of a Greek god but of course if I achieved that I would not have anything to blog about. I do lots of counting and measuring and try to […]

Fitness Friday Returns!

Last year on another blog I did a weekly “Fitness Friday” post to motivate myself to stick to a diet. It worked out pretty well, I lost 40lbs between March and October. Not only that, it was a neat experiment. I had charts and graphs and everything. Well, during the holidays and the move to […]

Why do these people all sound alike?

I have scrupulously avoided arguing with biblical literalists (or fundies, short for fundamentalists) for 25 years, not because I don’t enjoy arguing (I enjoy it too much) but because the form of argument is so irritating. Whatever Martin Luther meant by Sola Scriptura he surely did not intend the various stupefying shit-shows you can find on […]

Taking a Break

I’ve had this blog since 2011. My, how time flies. I’m going to give it a rest for a month or so. Maybe I’ll pick it up again, maybe not. At the beginning I had a lot of unfinished thoughts that needed expressing, lots of books I’d read that needed digesting, but as time went […]

Some things that need to be said.

I have perhaps told the story here before of the Fullbright professor who got the unenviable task of teaching my American lit class in the third year of college. My degree being languages, and the curriculum being more rigid than at any American college, (i.e. we all took the same classes and I rubbed elbows […] […]

Repost: Christ and Community

An old post, but some things bear repeating. Christianity tends to be defined as a series of abstract doctrinal statements to which one may or may not give assent. I think this is an expression of the modern preference for abstract thought and individualism over culture. When one actually sits down to read the Gospels […]