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Fitness Friday: Switching programs

Old Program From May 6 to June 7 my exercise program looked like this: Monday and Friday: Warm up: power cleans – 3×5 Front squats – 3×5 Bench press – 3×5 Random shoulder / chest exercise – 3×10 Triceps pull down – 3×10 Finisher: trap bar deadlifts 3×10 Wednesday: Warm ups: power cleans – 3×5 […]

Fitness Friday: One Weird Trick to Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

Remember those “one weird trick” ads on the internet? You know: one weird trick will clear acne! Smooth wrinkles! Fix erectile dysfunction! Well, I have stumbled upon “one weird trick” that really will burn fat and build muscle – and it is free. It works like this: Go to the gym three times a week. […]

Fitness Friday: Flexibility and Sustainability

A couple of weeks ago at the gym I had planned on doing some dumbbell bench presses after regular bench presses, but all the benches by the dumbbell racks were taken. In my annoyance I almost walked out of the gym. The thing is, I could just as easily have done incline bench press, dips, […]

Fitness Friday: new gym program

I’m finally back in the gym after a year-long layoff. I am weak! This is the schedule which I started on May 6th, and which I intend to run for 5 or 6 weeks: Monday and Friday: Warm up: power cleans – 3×5 Front squats – 3×5 Bench press – 3×5 Random shoulder / chest […]

Fitness Friday: Growing Old Gracefully

So, a few days ago I turned… uh… twenty-five. Now, “twenty-five” isn’t old, not even middle age. I have not celebrated my birthday since I was a kid and usually forget it when it comes around, but this nice round number did give me a certain pause: I have to start taking better care of […]

Fitness Friday: finally joined the Y

Last Sunday I joined the local YMCA. The cost is a bit high for a gym of this quality, $75/month, but it is in walking distance and the hours are convenient. I suppose the $75 would be quite a bargain if I also wanted to shoot hoops and swim laps in the pool full of […]

Fitness Friday: Back on the Wagon

So last week while visiting Mom I pulled my brother’s old dumbbells out of the closet and appropriated them. My old gym moved in mid-February and I have not gotten any exercise since. I am not impressed with any of the other local gyms. I also dusted off my kettlebell, and this week I have […]