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Summer Reading

By the end of April I will have been liberated from classes. I have many goals for the summer and one is to build my attention span back to what it used to be. That means less internet and more reading in the evenings. I am going to have a pile of career-related stuff to read, but […]

Hating your customers

Spider-Man was a great character; his super powers were just plausible enough to get me to suspend my disbelief: getting bit by a radioactive spider messed with his DNA… somehow… it was good enough. Quite unlike that that irritating crew known as the X-Men, none of whom were able to carry a comic book on his own so they had […]

More Apocalyptic Fiction

We live in apocalyptic times, that is, times when we realize that the prevailing order is unstable, that our idols have feet of clay or our houses are built on sand or whatever other Biblical metaphor comes to mind. This old book review of mine (from 2012!) reflects on an older, much more severe cultural crisis: […]

How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the apocalypse

For some reason this post from 2013 about Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins is getting lots of traffic. That is fitting: it is an apocalyptic novel and we are coming off an apocalyptic year. Now is a great time to read this book. Apocalypses are written by prophets, and much of it has come to pass. […]

Cheap Used Books!

  My new favorite twitter feed is Paperback Paradise. Enjoy some of their classic children’s titles:   The Hardy Boys!   Classic Fantasy! Sweet Valley Girls! Y.A. Classics! Wow, it is really a trip down memory lane. Check out all their titles! (Borderline NSFW, exercise adult discretion!)

The Abolition of Man

C.S. Lewis was known for apologetics and fiction, but he has a thin little philosophical treatise called The Abolition of Man. The point of departure is a line Lewis read in a high-school literature textbook which claimed that in language “we appear to be saying something very important about something: and actually we are only […]

5 Questions About “The Historical Jesus”

I am just starting N.T. Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God, which is volume two of his multi-volume work Christian Origins and the Question of God. I’ve read some of his short, popular works in the past, and thought it was time to tackle his scholarly work. After outlining the various “quests” for the historical Jesus […]