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Yep, that about sums it up

Ace of Spades yesterday: I’ve been out with politically minded people and I’ve watched them freak out as they check the twitter feeds. Their voices become higher pitched and faster paced; they begin becoming apprehensive, agitated, and anxious. When they tell me the latest bout of Twitter Lunatic Shrieking, I tell them the truth, as […]


From the WaPo’s background story on Trump’s decision to double down in Afghanistan: One of the ways McMaster tried to persuade Trump to recommit to the effort was by convincing him that Afghanistan was not a hopeless place. He presented Trump with a black-and-white snapshot from 1972 of Afghan women in miniskirts walking through Kabul, […]

Epiphany: Trump will be re-elected.

This morning I realized, it is all so simple: For the first couple of months Trump was a Russian stooge, now he is a Nazi. Where do we go from Nazi? What can you possibly accuse someone of once you call him a Nazi? Child molester, of course. In two months we will start to […]

Mark Lilla on Identity Politics

Today Rod Dreher (conservative) interviews Mark Lilla (disgruntled liberal). Lilla on the religious bent of the America and the new left: “We are an evangelical people. How we ever got a reputation for practicality and common sense is a mystery historians will one day have to unravel. Facing up to problems, gauging their significance, gathering […]

It is OK when my side does it.

The biggest threat to America right now is not random acts of political violence but the inability of partisans to recognize and reject violence when it is committed by their allies. The recent murder was committed by someone on the “alt-right”. We should all be enraged, of course, but let us not pretend that political […]

Repost: The Best Argument Against White Supremacists…

This post is from last year, and my predications have sadly proven correct. Another sad, oft-repeated prediction of mine is a paraphrase of George Orwell: the future is a white supremacist and a fat college feminist screaming in your face, forever.¬†Identity politics is not going away, common American culture is too shallow to stop it. […]

Colin Kapernick, the left’s Tim Tebow

Colin Kapernick, the unemployed NFL quarterback, is by all accounts a nice guy and a good teammate. He has some dopey political opinions, but he is not the only NFL player who does. Unlike those other NFL players he chose to express those political opinions in a way that angered many NFL fans, by kneeling […]