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Real News for Grown-ups

I swore off the news a few days ago, but something crept through my filter: At first, people thought that OPEC was purposefully keeping prices low (by not reducing supply) in order to smother the emerging shale industry in the crib. With low oil prices, less investment would flow to alternatives to conventional oil, which […]

The New Class Warfare

Kevin Williamson points out what we all know, but have not wanted to admit: The Democrats have become what the Republicans once were: the party of the respectable upper-middle class — and of many of those who aspire to it. (The poor are for patronage and vote-farming.) They are, as the bourgeoisie always are, obsessed […]

Would I like Trump if he were a woman?

I find Trump irritating, but I find all politicians irritating. My ideal politician would be someone like Calvin Coolidge, a deeply introverted man who did not like talking and who avoided publicity. I still have a hard time grasping why people – including many people I know and respect – are drawn to Trump. According to NYU […]


From Ace of Spades: Let not your mellow be harshed. They are making noise and pounding the table precisely because they don’t have the facts and proof they are sure is just around the corner. If they had the facts, theyd’ve already been leaked. They are attempting to get the herd stampeding by screaming about wolves […]

Bad Faith Arguments

Last night I was thinking about the death penalty: I am generally opposed to it in the United States of the 21st century but perhaps there are times and places where the state must have recourse to it. Some people argue against the death penalty by appealing to Christian morality: we should forgive our enemies, turn the other cheek, […]

Last post about Trump

I promise, no more posts about Donald Trump for at least a month. I did not vote for him and will not if he runs again. Most of my initial opinions have not changed: he is not fit for the office of the Presidency, he is vacuous and vulgar, a shameless self-promoter, and not a […]

Trump Hysteria of the Day

Rod Dreher expresses my feelings on good, bad, and ugly of Trump’s recent executive order regarding refugees better than I could, so I’ll just link to it. My thoughts: a couple of years ago two Chechen refugees decided to plant bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring about 250, […]