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Brett Kavanaugh: American Hero

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has a reputation for being a swell guy: he enjoys coaching children and volunteering at church and in soup kitchens; he is reputed to be a good dad, a good boss to his clerks and a good friend to his colleagues on the bench; he is said to be a […]

What kind of world do you want to live in?

This is a half-baked thought I have: The modern world started out with the transition from feudal Europe to Nations. The process started in the 16th and 17 centuries with the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, accelerated in the 19th century with the unification of Germany and Italy and the American Civil War, and peaked after World […]

French vs Ahmari round 2

The David French / Sohrab Ahmari argument escalated with a public debate held at Catholic University of America. You can watch the whole debate here. Twitter consensus is that French humiliated Ahmari: French certainly had every rhetorical advantage and as well as the audience on his side, and it sounded as if Ahmari has not […]

Unequally Yoked

"I don't think Jimmy really grasps… how much it upsets me." — Lisa and her partner, Jimmy, discuss how their differing political views affect their relationship in the era of President Trump. — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) July 29, 2019 This is a PBS story about an engaged couple who disagrees over politics. I’m not […]

Anger is addictive

A few weeks ago I made a resolution to stop hate-clicking on the internet. I’m not a particularly spiritual person but I figured that if the Gospel speaks so much about peace it must be some kind of sin to go about intentionally making myself mad. I didn’t think I hate-clicked very often, maybe once […]

Trump has changed me

The ever excitable Rod Dreher has his panties in a bunch over Trump supporters shouting “send her back” with regard to Somali-born U.S. Rep Ihan Omar. Lots of twitter conservatives are likewise rushing for the fainting couch, shaming Trump and his supporters for their crudity. Is it crude to shout that a legal immigrant be […]

Having it both ways

American political culture is shot through with contradictions, many of them happy ones. For example, we are blessed by the fact that the flag-waving militarist party and the limited-government party are one and the same. Some of the more difficult problems in American politics stem from a desire to uphold two self-contradicting values. The Democrats […]