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REPOST: Crime is not random

The latest mass shooter, like the last mass shooter, was known to authorities. So I thought I would re-post this as a reminder that while crime is not random the authorities like to pretend it is to cover up their incompetence. In reaction to the report that the Manhattan Bike Lane Terrorist was “known to […]

The Politics of Self-Delusion

Back during the last election a commenter here who identified as a Progressive Christian defended Hillary Clinton by pointing out her good qualities. I responded that whatever good she had done was marred by her bad qualities which I considered disqualifying, saying I would not eat ice cream if mixed with dog shit. He responded: […]

Davos and Trade

From Kevin Williamson: Once largely an Anglo-American project, free trade today is a European project, a Canadian project, an Asian project, and a pan-Pacific and trans-Atlantic project, too. It is, properly understood, a global humanitarian project. For the moment, the leaders of that project are people such as Trudeau, Merkel, and Shinzo Abe. And Michelle […]

Trump and the Culture War

Interesting idea from Ace of Spades: The right attempts political persuasion. The left, on the other hand, attempts social persuasion — basically seizing the commanding heights of culture-making institutions and then deciding that espousing some political claims (being pro-gay-marriage) increase social status and that espousing other political claims (being against gay marriage) decrease social status […]

The Collapse of Christian Education?

Carl Trueman points out that the laws which will destroy Christian Universities are already on the books, it is just a question of whether they will be applied. Title IX precedent considers discrimination against homosexual behavior to be pretty much the same as discrimination against skin color, which means the government can refuse federal funds, […]

The Roy Moore election

A reminder of the obvious: politicians lose because more of the other guy’s voters show up. In this case, black turnout in Alabama was higher than normal, and the constituency that everyone thought was supporting Moore, white evangelicals, didn’t show up. A commentor on Rod Dreher’s blog described his no-show thus: I am one of […]

Crime is not random

In reaction to the report that the Manhattan Bike Lane Terrorist was “known to authorities” and on a watch list, Kevin Williamson points out: Who else was on the radar of the relevant law-enforcement and intelligence agencies? Omar Mateen, Syed Farook’s social circle, Nidal Hasan, Adam Lanza, the 2015 Garland attackers, the Boston Marathon bombers. The […]