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Risk assessment

It is axiomatic that people are bad at assessing risks. People are afraid of flying but not afraid of driving, even though the latter is much more dangerous. Parents warn their children never to talk to strangers even though strangers are much less likely to harm children than friends or relatives. People who refuse to […]

The collapse of historical memory

I used to think David Brooks was smart. I get the sense that this is not only the low point of the Trump presidency but the low point of the American presidency ever. Has any president ever been this overmatched by a crisis? — David Brooks (@nytdavidbrooks) March 13, 2020 The corona virus crisis has […]

Carlo Lancellotti on LGBT

Hmmm… the theory seems to hold water but I don’t know if that is really what is going on. But it does explain why such a tiny percentage of the population plays such an outsized role in today’s progressive mythology. 1) it's the revolutionary class 2) which has been systematically oppressed 3) but now heroically […]


The U.S. Navy commissioned the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) to be the vessel of the future. They would be cheap, have stealthy cross-sections to reduce their radar signature, be highly automated in order to function with a small crew and they were designed to be easily refitted for different missions such as anti-sub, anti-mine, or […]

This is not the argument you think it is.

The NY Post argues that Catholic schools outperform public schools because: Perhaps no school system in the world has been as successful at imparting values as US Catholic schools. They have done this by challenging modern beliefs about what should and should not be taught in schools. Catholic schools profess that truth is objective and […]

WWIII began and ended

So, last night WWIII started and ended. I found out about it this morning. A couple of years ago I met a well-educated middle-aged couple at a sushi bar. We had a good conversation. As they got up to leave the wife let it drop that had retired early and had been careful with their […]

Qassem Soleimani

Thoughts on the assassination of Qassem Soleimani : It does not matter if he was a “bad guy” or not. The question is whether or not his assassination furthers U.S. interests. Saddam and Qaddafi were “bad guys” but the U.S. led toppling efforts were serious strategic errors. The assassination (as well as the arrest of […]