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LOL: Smirking While White 2

In January I had several posts about the Covington Catholic boys who were unfairly accused of harassing an American Indian at the March for Life in Washington DC with their… smirks. “Smirking while white” was the hate crime du jour. Well, an friend recently sent me this photo from the March for Life 1997. It […]

The Collapse of the Press

I found this Lee Smith article via Ace of Spades. It is from 2017 but still enlightening. Ace’s summary: We’re living in a cyberpunk world where the “news” isn’t the news, it’s commercial advertisements for corporations and information ops paid for by political parties put into a form resembling that of what we used to […]

False memories

The New Yorker describes how five Nebraskans confessed to a murder they didn’t commit: Taylor confessed to the woman’s murder in 1989 and for two decades believed that she was guilty. She served more than nineteen years for the crime before she was pardoned. She was one of six people accused of the murder, five […]

Should the ISIS groupies come home?

Western-born ISIS groupies who ran off to Syria to provide comfort to Jihadis have been asking to come home now that, you know, ISIS is about to be crushed in Syria. Their excuse is that they were young and dumb, people make mistakes, they should be forgiven and allowed to come home. On the other […]

Covington Catholic Post-Mortem

  Time to wrap this story up. No one is still honestly insisting the boys did anything wrong. Their parents are lawyering up, and I sincerely hope they go Peter Thiel on the ass of a few media companies. It is difficult but possible to show malice in misreporting, since all these journalists had to […]

Quote of the Day

The full video reveals that these kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it. -Caitlin Flannigan, The Atlantic Tom Wolfe, of course, was the rapscallion who predicted all these stupid race and media flaps in absurdist novels like A Man in Full and Bonfire of the Vanities. Wolfe himself […]

Of Trolls and Cucks

First the troll: Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who banged a drum in a teenager’s face and later claimed to have been harassed, is America’s most successful troll. As an internet troll lurks the internet looking for people to provoke with controversial opinions, so Phillips wandered the Mall looking for someone to provoke. He failed […]