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Trump the fighter

People say they like Trump because he is a fighter. So far I don’t see him fighting for anything important, mostly just trading insults on Twitter. But that is the very thing his supporters want him to do. They do not want him to faithfully execute the role of chief bureaucrat, they want him to […]


A supposed man of God slobbering all over himself to praise a politician is absurd. This is 90% silliness but I can’t help feeling it is flirting with blasphemy. I can understand someone voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils (though one could make an equally coherent argument that Clinton was the lesser […]

The United States Against $17900

The Supreme Court will be hearing a case titled United States v. Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars in United States Currency. Back in the days of pirates U.S. warships could commandeer the property of the pirate crew – cargo, supplies, ship and all – without a trial. Since the 1980s, thanks to the War On Drugs, […]

Venezuela on Lake Michigan

In today’s Chicago Tribune: Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken state that has lost its will to live, although for the moment, we still have enough toilet paper. Illinois’ politicians have for decades been giving public employees with pension plans that are basically ponzi schemes and now the state is out of money. […]

There Are No Good Options Left

I wrote a post after Manchester, but didn’t publish it. It was nothing that had not been said before. Reading internet comboxes has been depressing in the wake of these two attacks: on the one side there are increasing calls for expulsion of Muslims, on the other moralistic scolds are doubling down on the theme […]

Real News for Grown-ups

I swore off the news a few days ago, but something crept through my filter: At first, people thought that OPEC was purposefully keeping prices low (by not reducing supply) in order to smother the emerging shale industry in the crib. With low oil prices, less investment would flow to alternatives to conventional oil, which […]

The New Class Warfare

Kevin Williamson points out what we all know, but have not wanted to admit: The Democrats have become what the Republicans once were: the party of the respectable upper-middle class — and of many of those who aspire to it. (The poor are for patronage and vote-farming.) They are, as the bourgeoisie always are, obsessed […]