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Covington Catholic Post-Mortem

  Time to wrap this story up. No one is still honestly insisting the boys did anything wrong. Their parents are lawyering up, and I sincerely hope they go Peter Thiel on the ass of a few media companies. It is difficult but possible to show malice in misreporting, since all these journalists had to […]

Quote of the Day

The full video reveals that these kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it. -Caitlin Flannigan, The Atlantic Tom Wolfe, of course, was the rapscallion who predicted all these stupid race and media flaps in absurdist novels like A Man in Full and Bonfire of the Vanities. Wolfe himself […]

Of Trolls and Cucks

First the troll: Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who banged a drum in a teenager’s face and later claimed to have been harassed, is America’s most successful troll. As an internet troll lurks the internet looking for people to provoke with controversial opinions, so Phillips wandered the Mall looking for someone to provoke. He failed […]

Trump voters and church attendance

Timothy P Carney on the last Republican Presidential Primaries: We broke down Republican primary voters by church attendance. Among the most frequent attenders—those going more than once a week—Trump got about 32 percent of the vote. Trump also got a minority of those who simply go once a week. Among those who reported going “a […]

Dumbest Shit You’ll See All Day Episode: XVIII

Seen on twitter: I’ve said it before and say it again; if I was a woman I’d be angry all of the time. — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) January 5, 2019 Read the responses if you enjoy chucking at the impotent rage and misery of the left-leaning bourgeoisie as they counsel one another on managing depression […]

An impressive rant

Tucker Carlson is well on his way in his metamorphosis from prissy neocon to alt-right edge lord. In this rant he goes after Mitt Romney. The overriding goal for America [used to be] more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones, or more Amazon deliveries […]

The Trump Doctrine?

This article expresses some scattered thoughts I’ve been unable to put into words: Like many Gen-Xers who studied politics or international relations in the 1990s and 2000s, I absorbed this gospel of liberal internationalism almost completely. But Trump’s early successes have already caused me to question those tenets of my education. The Trump Doctrine takes […]