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SCOTUS thoughts

Merrick Garland’s dying wish was that a smokin’ hot babe one day be appointed to the Supreme Court and I think we should honor that wish. My impressions of the hearings are: Barrett is smart. She’s compared to Scalia but she sounds more in the mold of Thomas, a historian at heart. People hate Ted […]

What to make of the polls?

Biden is dominating the polls but Ace of Spades notes: I was observing some politicos I know. They’re having a hard time squaring the current polling with what they know anecdotally. They all note this: Of all the people they know — including RINOs and squishes and NeverTrumpers who voted against Trump in 2016 — […]

Taking Solidarity Seriously

My political instincts have always been right wing, which in America means individualist in economic matters, nationalist in military matters, and traditionalist in moral matters. I have always been aware that this juxtaposition is arbitrary, I could just as easily have believed in some other assortment, and I have always recognized that in theory many […]

Peace in the Middle East?

Back in 2008 during the McCain / Obama debates, then-Senator Obama asked McCain why the United States doesn’t have diplomatic relations with countries like Iran. What is wrong, he asked, with just talking? McCain fumbled about and muttered that it just isn’t done. What McCain should have said: The United States does “talk” to countries […]

Is this the week the Democrats lost the election?

I’ve been wrong on most electoral predictions I’ve made, so I’ve been avoiding predicting this one. Trump is behind in the polls but the polls were worse for him last time around. Trump had a small but enthusiastic core, Biden an army of Trump-haters. Then came the limp Democratic convention and the confident Republican one, […]

No good news on the horizon.

1. The election will be contested. Mail-in voting is going to be a disaster, so we are going to have a contested election. I think it is planned: the Democrats are not confident that Biden can win so they want to muddy the results and create as much chaos as possible. Trump doesn’t mind the […]

My anti-mask moment.

I’ve never been anti-mask, just pro common sense. For me, common sense means three things: Epistemic humility and respect for authority: I am not an epidemiologist. The case for masks sounds reasonable enough but I can’t know for sure. The legitimate authority (in my case the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) asks me to put on a […]

3 Weekend Thoughts

First, Andrew Sullivan agrees with me: I’m saying that Christianity and critical race theory, which is the core philosophy of BLM, are diametrically opposed, and rooted in utterly different views of the world and human nature. You can’t practice one and be part of the other without incoherence. — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) July 25, […]

Ideology Makes You Stupid

Alain Besancon’s A Century Of Horrors is an essay on the physical, moral and intellectual destruction brought about by Nazism and Communism. He compares and contrasts the ideologies and ponders why Nazism is universally condemned while Communism is remembered as a flawed but noble experiment. He defines the movements as ideologies: a doctrine that, in […]

A Hero in Your Own Mind

The attached video is painful to watch. This person engaged in a stupid murder-fantasy on social media (rejoicing in the thought of stabbing and watching bleed to death anyone who says “all lives matter” instead of “black lives matter) and got fired for it. She then sobs into the camera about being a victim. This […]