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The Customer is Always Wrong: a pop culture triptych

After early success with The Force Awakens Disney is now risking losing money on its newly acquired Star Wars franchise. Fans say they don’t like how Disney killed off the old characters and complain that the new characters are either boring or outright irritating. Disney reacts by saying the fans just don’t like ethnically diverse […]

Five Stages of Political Causes

Stephen Hayward in the the WSJ argues that Climate Change is dead as a political cause. He uses Anthony Downs “Issue-Attention” cycle to map its decline. Every cause goes through the following process: Experts and activists sound the alarm about a problem needing public attention. Media and politicians discover the issue, bringing about a period […]

Theological foundations of foreign policy

There was a very interesting article in First Things that tries to link the divisions in American foreign policy to the divisions in American Protestantism. The idea is that the same theological divisions that animated the emotions surrounding the Scopes Monkey Trial are the ones that drive our political divisions to this day. One the […]

Psychological Saftey

One of the more absurd things happening today is the abuse of the notion of psychological saftey, eg: a female student demanding a male classmate be silent in her presence for respect for her “safety.” Sane people scratch their heads and wonder what she is talking about. But that does not mean psychological saftey is […]

Must a Christian be a Conservative?

American Christians were not always so closely aligned with the Republican party and the American right. Catholics and Evangelicals for example were generally in favor of the New Deal and gravitated towards the Democrats for most of the 20th century. There used to be something called the Christian Left and there have been Progressive Christian […]

More real news for grown-ups

From the WSJ: Crown Prince Mohammed’s critics describe him as a young man in a hurry. They’re right—and he should be. As he told all of us in his cabinet constantly: “Time is our enemy. We cannot wait any longer to reform our country. The time is now.” He is clear about the problem. “Political […]

REPOST: Crime is not random

The latest mass shooter, like the last mass shooter, was known to authorities. So I thought I would re-post this as a reminder that while crime is not random the authorities like to pretend it is to cover up their incompetence. In reaction to the report that the Manhattan Bike Lane Terrorist was “known to […]