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Crime is not random

In reaction to the report that the Manhattan Bike Lane Terrorist was “known to authorities” and on a watch list, Kevin Williamson points out: Who else was on the radar of the relevant law-enforcement and intelligence agencies? Omar Mateen, Syed Farook’s social circle, Nidal Hasan, Adam Lanza, the 2015 Garland attackers, the Boston Marathon bombers. The […]

The Politics of Denial

Ross Douthat on the phenomena of anti-Trump Republicans retiring or declining to run for public office: The president’s G.O.P. critics should engage in electoral battle because the act of campaigning, the work of actually trying to persuade voters, is the only way anti-Trump Republicans will come to grips with the legitimate reasons that their ideas […]

Stuff I don’t get

The Harvey Weinstein story is now taking on international proportions as EU MPs and NGO executives are being accused of the same sort of bizarre and boorish sexual predation: Allegations made to Playbook include EU work contracts offered in exchange for sex, young women being sent to bars and dinners to trade sexual favors for […]

Yep, that about sums it up

Ace of Spades yesterday: I’ve been out with politically minded people and I’ve watched them freak out as they check the twitter feeds. Their voices become higher pitched and faster paced; they begin becoming apprehensive, agitated, and anxious. When they tell me the latest bout of Twitter Lunatic Shrieking, I tell them the truth, as […]


From the WaPo’s background story on Trump’s decision to double down in Afghanistan: One of the ways McMaster tried to persuade Trump to recommit to the effort was by convincing him that Afghanistan was not a hopeless place. He presented Trump with a black-and-white snapshot from 1972 of Afghan women in miniskirts walking through Kabul, […]

Epiphany: Trump will be re-elected.

This morning I realized, it is all so simple: For the first couple of months Trump was a Russian stooge, now he is a Nazi. Where do we go from Nazi? What can you possibly accuse someone of once you call him a Nazi? Child molester, of course. In two months we will start to […]

Mark Lilla on Identity Politics

Today Rod Dreher (conservative) interviews Mark Lilla (disgruntled liberal). Lilla on the religious bent of the America and the new left: “We are an evangelical people. How we ever got a reputation for practicality and common sense is a mystery historians will one day have to unravel. Facing up to problems, gauging their significance, gathering […]