Christian Artists?

Change “Christian artists” in the tweet below for “American Evangelical artists since 1970” and he might be right.

Traditional Protestant and Catholic artists (for the most part) have not had this problem of turning art into religious propaganda, it is an Evangelical issue. Not all Evangelicals of course, there are plenty of artists who are Evangelical who don’t treat their art as a utilitarian vehicle for proselytism.

Why do Evangelicals have this problem while other Christians do not? I suspect it is because Evangelicals are always reinventing the wheel and are cut off from the Christian artistic tradition either through ignorance or through suspicion, but I am not an expert in Evangelical culture which is almost as alien to me as Muslim culture.

Everything is political propaganda today. It feels like every new show on TV is shot through with politics, and the art suffers. Any artist who decides to put the craft first and drop the propaganda is going to differentiate himself.

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