I think I am going to expand on some of yesterday’s rant and make it into a little series. I don’t think I am saying anything new, but it is important to me. After yesterday’s post I should be clear that I have no issues with the current Mass as written. Certainly there are endearing […]

Today I attended a Tridentine Mass that is offered about half an hour from where I live. I never had any desire to attend one before moving to the North Shore but the liturgical music I’ve heard up here is wretched. Apparently no Catholics in North Eastern Massachusetts can manage to learn the organ so […]

Welcome to Fitness Friday, where I use myself as a guinea pig to test all sorts of fitness gimmicks. My goal is to have the body of a Greek god but of course if I achieved that I would not have anything to blog about. I do lots of counting and measuring and try to […]

From Kevin Williamson: Once largely an Anglo-American project, free trade today is a European project, a Canadian project, an Asian project, and a pan-Pacific and trans-Atlantic project, too. It is, properly understood, a global humanitarian project. For the moment, the leaders of that project are people such as Trudeau, Merkel, and Shinzo Abe. And Michelle […]

Last year on another blog I did a weekly “Fitness Friday” post to motivate myself to stick to a diet. It worked out pretty well, I lost 40lbs between March and October. Not only that, it was a neat experiment. I had charts and graphs and everything. Well, during the holidays and the move to […]

Interesting idea from Ace of Spades: The right attempts political persuasion. The left, on the other hand, attempts social persuasion — basically seizing the commanding heights of culture-making institutions and then deciding that espousing some political claims (being pro-gay-marriage) increase social status and that espousing other political claims (being against gay marriage) decrease social status […]

Shelby Steele attempts to explain why the various black protest movements have been failing: What they missed is a simple truth that is both obvious and unutterable: The oppression of black people is over with. This is politically incorrect news, but it is true nonetheless. We blacks are, today, a free people. It is as […]