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Snark and Rage

The Catholics and their fat mama Mary did not stop our Black Mass. The consecrated host was defiled, destroyed, and swept into the trash where it belongs. Thank you Brash brewing company for hosting this wonderful event! Public Unbaptism early 2020 y'all! #HAILSATAN — The Satanic Temple – Houston (@HoustonTST) November 24, 2019 I know […]

Dumbest Shit You’ll See All Day Episode: XVIII

Seen on twitter: I’ve said it before and say it again; if I was a woman I’d be angry all of the time. — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) January 5, 2019 Read the responses if you enjoy chucking at the impotent rage and misery of the left-leaning bourgeoisie as they counsel one another on managing depression […]

Why I’m not on Twitter

Sometimes I think about getting a twitter account, what with all the salty wags out there with their pithy zingers. But every time I scan Twitter I see things like this… When Obama left the White House in a helicopter that horrible day, I had the impression our true father was leaving & the nation […]