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Sexually impotent male feminist with mommy issues still hates patriarchy

Harvard professor Bruce Hay, dubbed America’s most gullible man, is back in the news. I once wrote a post about him but the short version of the story is: A woman (Pia Maria Shuman) claiming to be a lesbian aggressively attempted to seduce him, but being impotent he could not manage the sex act. She […]

Public and Private

Here is an idea I’ve had about the Great Bathroom War of 2016, which may be quite wrong for all I know: Perhaps it is an argument about what should be public, and what should be private. From my perspective (which according to the Attorney General of the United States is one of Hitleresque bigotry […]

More Than Just Bathrooms

Welcome to the Great Bathroom War of 2016. It isn’t about bathrooms of course, we all know that. But what is it about? As the Attorney General says about the current bathroom war in North Carolina: This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms… … none of us can stand by when a state […]