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Ideology Makes You Stupid

Alain Besancon’s A Century Of Horrors is an essay on the physical, moral and intellectual destruction brought about by Nazism and Communism. He compares and contrasts the ideologies and ponders why Nazism is universally condemned while Communism is remembered as a flawed but noble experiment. He defines the movements as ideologies: a doctrine that, in […]

Different Takes on the Reformation

Eamon Duffy scans contemporary historical takes on the Reformation. Duffy’s own work changed how we look at the Reformation by pointing out that though national governments and the elites turned Protestant fairly quickly, a deep study of archaeology, letters, and folk practices shows that the common people held onto Catholic religious practices for decades after […]

What is a religious minority?

Right now the Catholic Church is holding an Synod on the Family. I’ve not followed the event, but some people are suspicious that the German Bishops are going to try and get some church teachings about divorce and remarriage changed, because apparently the Gospel is outdated or something. I don’t know if the story is […]

The Devil at Harvard?

It seems a group of students at Harvard University are hosting a Black Mass as a “cultural event”, saddening the Diocese of Boston. I never cared for those Harvard snobs* and find it hard to get upset over this sort of thing: brats will be brats. What I find deeply annoying is some of the […]

First in Line (part 1)

Since my last two posts were works of fiction, I figured I would dig up out of my hard-drive the only other piece of fiction I’ve ever tried writing as an adult. I wrote this about four years ago while studying theology and was trying to wrap my head around the notion of eternal life, […]

Octopus Hunting (Part 1)

Southern Italy was a good place for a long weekend alone, away from the smothering heat and relationships of Rome. Exams passed, ties civilly severed, I was ready to breathe again. After the first night of drinking cheap white wine (you can’t go wrong with $2 a bottle) and smoking cigarettes on a patio overlooking […]

Book Review: Walker Percy’s Love In the Ruins

LoveĀ in the Ruins, an apocalyptic comedy, was published in 1971 and takes place in what then would have been the “near future” of the early 1990’s. The place is Louisiana. The good old USA finds itself in a state of decline as liberals fight it out with conservatives, black guerrillas fight against whites, hippies living […]