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Keeping up appearances

Rod Dreher has been predicting that there will be some sort of anti-Christian backlash after the Coronavirus because 1) some Christians voted Trump and 2) sooner or later Trump is going to kill us all with his incompetence. To prove the point he’s quoted a NYT opinion piece that blamed churches that refused to shut […]

The Rise and Fall of New Atheism

Scott Alexander points out the sudden rise and fall of New Atheism, which in the mid 2000s transitioned from rational arguments about the non-existence of God to a sort of umbrella for Progressive activists. He argues that the reasons are ultimately political. President Bush was an Evangelical, so Progressives focused on atheism as a way […]

Is all art political?

  Some people don’t like politics in their entertainment, and some entertainers answer that all art is political, so suck it up and buy our politicized art. Well, are they right? Is all art political? I don’t know. One could argue that all art takes place in a social context and all social contexts have […]

Can Universities be Saved?

A former professor describes why he left academia: I saw the increasingly taken-for-granted “all life as praxis” presumption (read: research ought to be political activism; teaching ought to be political activism; mentorship ought to be political activism; scholarship ought to be political activism; parenthood ought to be political activism; etc.) to be a betrayal of […]

Monastery of the Heart

The problem with living in the crazy years is that we don’t realize that it is indeed possible to not be crazy ourselves. The NYT has a little op-ed by a novelist who defines herself as a liberal feeling depressed by the state of the nation: I wake each morning with a pit in my […]

Do you want Trump to win another term?

Because this is how you guarantee a Trump victory in 2020. In a story that seems made for The Onion, but is actually true, according to multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN MSESPN decided to pull an Asian college football announcer named Robert Lee off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game […]

History from the bottom up.

Eugene Vodoloazkin in First Things: I am convinced that political cataclysms are not only and not primarily the result of social and economic factors… Even a despotic regime cannot arise without the existence of a social demand for its appearance…  Let us imagine that Stalin arrives in London and proposes to institute government-sponsored terror. His […]

The Appearance of Brainpower

WaPo has a neat story that describes Wall Street recruiting. Contrary to popular belief, Wall Street does not attract “the best and brightest” STEM students; the best and brightest end up in research. Wall Street does however attract under-preforming students from elite engineering schools like MIT or the Ivy League. Critics say that firms aren’t really interested […]

Bad News, Worse News, Good News

Race riots in Milwaukee and flooding in Louisiana. I lived two years in Wisconsin and used to travel quite a bit to Louisiana for business, together the states represent my second favorite places after New England. I’m not sure why they call it a race riot – back in the day it was Irish against […]

Progressive Christianity (Part 1)

There used to be a lively Christian left in America which while not quite yet extinct is teetering on the edge of the abyss. Like pandas they don’t show much interest in breeding and their main hope for survival is zoos, I mean, university theology departments. I don’t say this with any gloating, the Christian […]