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Local rube who hates Patriarchy lives pathetic life, easily dominated by women

In 2016 a Harvard Law Professor named Bruce Hay wrote of the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: First the nice stuff: He was erudite and frighteningly smart. He said what he thought, not what was expedient. He was generous to friends and family. He loved his clerks and helped them get dream jobs. […]

The Power of Trump

I admit I underestimated Trump. Until a few days ago the best I could say about him was that he is a friendly and upbeat guy. I still think he isn’t fit for the office of the Presidency (maybe he would be fit to be mayor of New York?) and I doubt he will be […]

One Reason Why People Support Trump

Donald Trump referred to Senator Warren (my Senator from Massachusetts) as Pocahontas, because the lily white Warren once claimed to be an American Indian in order to take advantage of Harvard University’s Affirmative Action program, even though she could not prove such ancestry and being so white she never would have suffered any of the […]

Ritual Hate.

Three times this year a girl has been ritually crucified on the internet for the sin of shooting an animal. The first was an eleven year-old who shot a mountain lion that got too close to the family ranch and appeared to be stalking her brother. The second, a Texas girl who posed with a […]