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Repeal Day!!!

Today is the 85th Anniversary of the 21st Amendment which made it legal to sell booze again. You know what to do. Here is how I like to mix my Martinis: Drop four or five ice cubes into a shaker along with 4 parts Beefeater to 1 part dry vermouth. Stirred, not shaken, unless you […]

Is A Vodka Martini Really A Martini?

In his Confusio and Excitorio Hereticorm, St Remy of Aquatine continues his discussion of Spirits with question 14: Whether or not a Vodka Martini is Really a Martini. Fifty years later Bonaventure would cite this exposition as turning him from vodka Martinis but Aquinas, who in Summa Contra Gentiles took the position described in Objection 3, never seems to have […]