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Walker Percy, Prophet of the Stupid Age

Some quotes from Percy’s 1971 novel Love in the Ruins: A reflection that might apply to today: Is it that God had at last removed his blessings from the U.S.A . and what we feel now is just the clank of the old historical machinery, the sudden jerking ahead of the roller-coaster cars as the chain […]

Beefy Lutheran Gal Suddenly Incredibly Hot

Mollie Hemingway spanks the media, and I have never felt this way about a Lutheran girl before. A strong media is required to hold politicians accountable and help preserve a functioning republic. Our media, who are swinging wildly from eight years of sycophancy into an era of cartoonish hostility, are in no position to hold […]

How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the apocalypse

For some reason this post from 2013 about Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins is getting lots of traffic. That is fitting: it is an apocalyptic novel and we are coming off an apocalyptic year. Now is a great time to read this book. Apocalypses are written by prophets, and much of it has come to pass. […]