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Hillary Clinton is a TERF!

"Hillary Clinton has continued her unlikely TERF rebrand this week by claiming that trans issues pose a “legitimate concern” for cisgender women."https://t.co/7evpcNob7q — Untitled Snooze Game (@Snoozelle) November 14, 2019 This isn’t a surprise, Clinton has always been a late adopter of moral fads: she was against gay marriage until 2010 or so. We can […]

Where have I seen this before?

Marvel Comics has been trying to pump Captain Marvel, a D-list character who for 40 years never been able to carry a book in any incarnation, whether as the male alien Mar-Vel (a Superman ripoff) or Carol Danvers (AKA Warbird, AKA Ms Marvel, now Captain Marvel). Marvel-Disney is marketing the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as […]

The Customer is Always Wrong: a pop culture triptych

After early success with The Force Awakens Disney is now risking losing money on its newly acquired Star Wars franchise. Fans say they don’t like how Disney killed off the old characters and complain that the new characters are either boring or outright irritating. Disney reacts by saying the fans just don’t like ethnically diverse […]

Everybody Stay Calm

A couple of months ago I drafted a post outlining how Hillary Clinton is actually the conservative choice for President, since a conservative should really value stability – even stability trending in a bad direction – to chaos. I never published the post because other people were making the same argument better than I could. A few days ago I had, […]

Muppet News Flash: Trump Is A Pig

The American voter’s capacity for self-delusion is pretty impressive. If you thought Trump was anything other than a lewd, low-minded grifter whose only talent is self-promotion, you were simply fooling yourself. We have known that Trump is a lewd, low-minded, self-promoting grifter since 1985 or so. Over the last few months I’ve been watching on Facebook as my left-leaning […]

Sanders vs Trump, 2016

Elderly fruitcake socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, and flamboyant celebrity asshole Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination. Strangely, both are doing very well in the polls. Why? I think it is simple: Democrats are sick of being lied to by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Republicans […]