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Sexually impotent male feminist with mommy issues still hates patriarchy

Harvard professor Bruce Hay, dubbed America’s most gullible man, is back in the news. I once wrote a post about him but the short version of the story is: A woman (Pia Maria Shuman) claiming to be a lesbian aggressively attempted to seduce him, but being impotent he could not manage the sex act. She […]

Dispatches from the Stupid Age

The Guardian has an article about the resurgence of witchcraft in the days of Trump. Does any of this sound sane to you? But the old, dark power – the choice to worship something other than patriarchy’s gods, to reject and read backward the narratives of the dominant culture – was still there. The Trump […]

Where have I seen this before?

Marvel Comics has been trying to pump Captain Marvel, a D-list character who for 40 years never been able to carry a book in any incarnation, whether as the male alien Mar-Vel (a Superman ripoff) or Carol Danvers (AKA Warbird, AKA Ms Marvel, now Captain Marvel). Marvel-Disney is marketing the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as […]

Ideology and Bad Movies

Molly Hemingway theorizes that the new Ghostbusters film is being promoted as a feminist film because the producers know it is a bad movie and need to get people to go see it anyway. By promoting it as a polarizing feminist film, feminists will feel the need to go and see it no matter how […]

Camille Paglia on Contemporary Feminism

Camille Paglia has an interesting interview in America Magazine, of all places. Maybe I don’t give America enough credit. It is a fun article with some digs at Irish-Americans that hit a little too close to home and make me thank God I’m a quarter Bavarian. I don’t claim to know or understand much about […]

The Many Meanings of Equality

Feminism is the belief that men and women are equal. By that definition, everybody this side of Saudi Arabia is a feminist. But we know that is not the case. No self-respecting feminist would ever call me feminist. If a feminist were to ask me “Dave, do you believe that men and women are equal?” […]