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Thoughts on Gay Marriage

1. I’ve never been opposed to, say, a homosexual couple celebrating a wedding in a Unitarian church. Fine for them, it is a free country, and that sort of stuff is what the Unitarians exist for. But it has always seemed to me that homosexual sex is by its very nature a private affair and […]

Horrible People

Once, in English Composition class my freshman year of college, I had a big thick book sitting on my desk. The professor asked what I was reading, and I told her it was a collection of essays by G.K. Chesterton. She had never heard of him, so I explained that he was an early 20th century English […]

Judging culture

How do we judge a foreign culture? Do we do it according to our own standards, or theirs, or by some objective standard? A couple of years ago there was some debate if the United States would have been better off had the South been successful in its 1860’s bid for independence. The argument was […]

More on Ritual Hatred

Unfortunately the photos in my last post gave some of my readers the vapors. I promise that in the future I will provide a ratings system for dear old ladies of Victorian sensibility, autocratic patriarchs who are offended by the image of young ladies participating in a “man’s” sport, and serial blowhards who like to make themselves feel […]

From the archives: Love in the Ruins

    For some reason this old post about an obscure book by an obscure author has been getting allot of views from search engines lately. Could it be that I am not the last Walker Percy fan left on earth? Is there renewed interest in Southern-Gothic and Bad Catholics? Or could it be the fact […]

Words to live by

Words to live by: People who disagree with me are not stupid or evil… they are both. Some people forget this maxim by the time they graduate high school; most, shortly after college graduation. But a few, a blessed few, stay true to the ideal well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. They are our leaders: […]

Phil Robertson and the Perpetual Outrage Machine

A few months ago I wrote a post pointing out a similarity between Phil Robertson’s philosophy of life and Aristotle’s ethics: both are based on the notion that human beings are meant to be happy. Unabashed happiness is, I think, the reason for the success of Duck Dynasty. Now Mr Robertson, an Evangelical Christian (really something […]

Strike a Pose

In theory, modern politics should be simple. In any political order there are a set of cultural ideals which serve as goals, and politics is the art of choosing the means to reach those goals. The goal may be something like minimizing violent crime, and the available means can be more money for law enforcement, […]

Small Town Culture Wars

This article was the first bit of serious writing I ever attempted. I recall having published it online back in 2010, but I forget the website. The theme is one that still animates much of my thought. Cultural traditions are always in flux: building and adapting, or entering a crisis, fragmenting, and dying.   Route 70 […]

The First Culture War

We are living through a long period of cultural crisis. The nice thing is that cultures undergo crises all the time, so we can always look back and learn some lessons. Lately I’ve been thinking about a theme that I wrote an article about some time ago (God, has it been two years already?) about the […]