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Yet More Satanist Cringe

I seem to have offended an atheist for having unjustly conflated atheists and Satanists. The confusion is understandable, but the fact is that there are two kinds of Satanists, Satanist who are atheists and Satanists who are not. Of the two groups the former is actually the more popular. What exactly are Atheistic Satanists? At […]

Snark and Rage

The Catholics and their fat mama Mary did not stop our Black Mass. The consecrated host was defiled, destroyed, and swept into the trash where it belongs. Thank you Brash brewing company for hosting this wonderful event! Public Unbaptism early 2020 y'all! #HAILSATAN — The Satanic Temple – Houston (@HoustonTST) November 24, 2019 I know […]