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Ritual Hate Update!

Comedienne, Gay Rights Activist and 9-11 Truther Rosie O’Donnell is now being attacked for this picture: She and her children enjoy fishing for sharks. The particular subspecies of hammerhead in the photo is now protected on the U.S. Endangered Species list, though it was not when the photo was taken. But the fact that she was […]

Poser politics

I originally published this post about a year ago, but I find it mas many of the same ideas as my last post Ritual Hatred (or, if you are easily offended by pictures of dead animals, click this version.) In short: your political values are more about lust for power and making yourself feel good than they […]

More on Ritual Hatred

Unfortunately the photos in my last post gave some of my readers the vapors. I promise that in the future I will provide a ratings system for dear old ladies of Victorian sensibility, autocratic patriarchs who are offended by the image of young ladies participating in a “man’s” sport, and serial blowhards who like to make themselves feel […]

Power fetishes.

1) The political right-wing of the internet has been having fun with a histrionic article that appeared on Gawker a few days ago. The article advocates the legal suppression of views contrary to the theory of man-made global warming*. (I hate linking to it, since it was probably written as click-bait, but if I am going to […]

Seven Facts about Atheists

Since I’ve read a few atheist blogs, perused a couple of atheist books, and once trolled an atheist on twitter, I feel like I am an expert on the subject of atheism. Here are a few facts I’ve learned: Fact #1: Atheists are fanbois. Their peans to the intellectual and moral virtues of Richard Dawkins, […]

Evolving Standards of Intelligent Debate

Evolving Standards of Intelligent Debate Two people having a public debate on evolution without having studied biology at the graduate level… I hope they both remember to bring their clown costumes. Check out the link above for more thoughts from National Review’s Resident Grown-Up.

Words to live by

Words to live by: People who disagree with me are not stupid or evil… they are both. Some people forget this maxim by the time they graduate high school; most, shortly after college graduation. But a few, a blessed few, stay true to the ideal well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. They are our leaders: […]

Phil Robertson and the Perpetual Outrage Machine

A few months ago I wrote a post pointing out a similarity between Phil Robertson’s philosophy of life and Aristotle’s ethics: both are based on the notion that human beings are meant to be happy. Unabashed happiness is, I think, the reason for the success of Duck Dynasty. Now Mr Robertson, an Evangelical Christian (really something […]

Strike a Pose

In theory, modern politics should be simple. In any political order there are a set of cultural ideals which serve as goals, and politics is the art of choosing the means to reach those goals. The goal may be something like minimizing violent crime, and the available means can be more money for law enforcement, […]

Why watch TV?

Once I was watching the nightly news with my parents. The anchor had been teasing a story about a new breakthrough in paleontology before each commercial break, and since I was fascinated by all things paleontological I kept on watching through all the boring political and economic stuff until the end of the broadcast. Finally […]