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Christian Artists?

Change “Christian artists” in the tweet below for “American Evangelical artists since 1970” and he might be right. Most “secular” artists have a better grasp on why we make art than many Christian artists. Christians get hung up on trying to use art in some utilitarian way to preach. Plenty of seculars preach, but most […]

Godless Utopia

A new book titled Godless Utopia describes Soviet anti-religious propaganda, some of which The Guardian shares. The theme of religious belief being an obstacle to progress is a common one. Below, a boy entranced by the vision of the future struggles to get away from his grandmother as she drags him to a shadowy church. […]

Is all art political?

  Some people don’t like politics in their entertainment, and some entertainers answer that all art is political, so suck it up and buy our politicized art. Well, are they right? Is all art political? I don’t know. One could argue that all art takes place in a social context and all social contexts have […]

Beethoven’s Mass in C Major

Repost from my other, soon to be defunct blog. Last night I continued my spring concert plans with Beethoven’s Mass in C Major preformed by the Worcester Chorus. I’ve never heard it before, though it felt familiar since I’ve sung Schubert’s Mass in C Major. What can I say, I didn’t like it. For the most part, […]

Book Review: Shelby Foote’s Shiloh

Shelby Foote was famous to my generation as one of the historians interviewed in Ken Burns’ documentary The Civil War, and he wrote a three thousand page book with the same title. (A great book to have if you are ever in bed for a week, like I was, recuperating from Lyme’s Disease). But Foote […]

The Lady and the Scale (Part 1)

When I came up with my blog name, Truth and Tolerance, I wanted to find an image for the header that expressed my attitudes about the idea of ‘truth’. I had the good fortune to live in Italy for a bit, where I gained some familiarity with Renaissance art. (It is impossible to live in […]