Speckled Mountain, Maine

I took a little backpacking excursion to Maine to clear my head. It was just a short overnight trip.

The Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness Area is just across the border from New Hampshire’s White Mountains and about 3 hours drive from where I live.

This waterfall is just a couple of miles in. There wasn’t any more water to be found until the next afternoon so I’m glad I filled up when I did:


Got a good view of Mt Washington and the White Mountains from the summit:


And there were good views of the surrounding wilderness area from nearby Blueberry Hill:


The total distance I hiked was only about ten miles but I took my time and was in the woods for 22 hours. The last half mile of the deceptively pleasant-named Blueberry Ridge trail was a steep downhill that left my knees and ankles swollen, so I am glad it wasn’t any longer.

I so no signs of wildlife except red squirrels and a strange ball of garter snakes. I did not find any good camping sites along the trail and just had to crash somewhere when it got too dark to see, but I don’t mind that. I do wish I had brought a warmer sleeping bag.

On the way home I got a little lost but didn’t mind: as long as I headed South and East I would eventually hit home, and the scenery is nice. Maine is lovely, but everything feels so distant and lonely. I would have a hard time living there.

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