Sexually impotent male feminist with mommy issues still hates patriarchy

Harvard professor Bruce Hay, dubbed America’s most gullible man, is back in the news. I once wrote a post about him but the short version of the story is:

  • A woman (Pia Maria Shuman) claiming to be a lesbian aggressively attempted to seduce him, but being impotent he could not manage the sex act. She nevertheless accused him of being father of her child.
  • He meanwhile started an emotional affair with Shuman’s presurgury transgendered wife Mischa, and cowrote with “her” two queeny, hysterical articles condemning the patriarchy.
  • His ex-wife with whom he lives in a sexless relationship desperately attempted to convince him he could not be father of the child given the timeline and the fact that he did not actually have sex with Shuman, but he as a cisman refused to question the word of a non gender conforming woman.
  • While Hay and his mommy-wife were on vacation in Europe, the lesbian and her transgendered wife moved into their house and took over. When the mommy-wife sued to evict them, they counter-sued and filed a Title IX suit against him at Harvard which suspended him from teaching.

Now Hay is suing New York Magazine on the grounds that the reporter was manipulative (what reporters do) and that the story portrayed the couple (the Shumans) that stole his house as “as scheming, deviant femmes fatales preying on a series of men”.

Hay’s legal complaint gives the story from the Shumans’ perspective: they are daring sexual non-conformists who a forever persecuted for their refusal to follow the rules. Every previous man that resented being popped with a paternity claim by Schuman was in fact the victimizer, as well as the lawyers and law enforcement attempting to bring these supposed grifters to justice.

That is right, you are relentlessly hounded for gender nonconformity in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The bad guys in Hay’s tale are the ex-wife, Jennifer, who dared to question Hay for his attempts to subsidize the Shumans and let them live in their house, and unnamed “friends” of the Shumans who, per Hay, poisoned their minds against him by suggesting he (the impotent man living with a mommy wife) was a womanizer, and who also (he claims) impersonated the Shumans in text messages.

Bruce Hay is representing himself in the lawsuit, which should tell you all you need to know.

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