A Hero in Your Own Mind

The attached video is painful to watch. This person engaged in a stupid murder-fantasy on social media (rejoicing in the thought of stabbing and watching bleed to death anyone who says “all lives matter” instead of “black lives matter) and got fired for it. She then sobs into the camera about being a victim.

This person is clearly a narcissist, the hero of her own little movie (literally, its all posted to TicTok). There is no remorse for her silly murder fantasy, no moment of realization, no sense of irony, no inkling as to the inane pettiness and smallness of the situation. She vows to carry on the fight for social justice; this is just one setback on her way to eventual victory and validation.

I hate talking about empathy because it is such a subjective standard of behavior, but she is also so wrapped up in herself that she is incapable of empathy for her political enemies even though she doubtless considers herself quite empathetic.

Contemporary activism is preformative narcissism: it makes the activist feel like she’s an important person fighting for a noble cause. The fighting consists of nothing more than loudly sharing opinions (blogger beware!) which makes her a good person quite independent of her virtues and vices. Vice (in this case an unhinged murder fantasy) is made noble in the service of the cause. Activists love the cause because it validates everything they do, it validates them.

Confession: a few times I’ve fantasized about slapping an irritating SJW across the face, but each time I regretted it and felt like it was a weak, self-indulgent, uncharitable, unrealistic thing. I’ve put lots of stupid things on social media, argued lots of stupid stuff for argument’s sake, but I always feel bad about having done it. Why? Because in spite of my diabolical arrogance I’m not quite a narcissist.

Question: is this person a narcissist by nature or by education? By education I include social media as well as schooling (Harvard!). If by education, we should be nervous about the future.

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