Sunrise Mass

My local choir is singing Ola Gjeilo’s Sunrise Mass for our Spring Concert. This is the Gloria, about 12 minutes long, and yes, it really does sound like a sunrise.

Give a listen if you have a few minutes, this Mass is easy to sing, contemporary (well, sort of ’50s maybe), and very pretty.


  1. buckyinky · · Reply

    Very pretty, and I agree it does sound very singable.

    It seems to me (and present selection is no exception) that if contemporary music is at all beautiful, there is something mournful about it. Compare the Gloria here by Gjello, to for example, Bach’s in B Minor Mass, which is (opening at least) pure exuberant joy.

    1. When this movement starts it is still continuing the mood of the Kyrie. When it hits the 5 minute mark it switches to joy / solemnity.

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