Not this guy again

George Zimmerman is back in the news as he is suing the family of the young man he shot. I don’t know the details, nor do I want to know, the whole affair is sad.

It is possible to take a middle position in on the Zimmerman affair:

  • George Zimmerman had every right to carry a firearm.
  • He had every right to ask a young guy that he didn’t recognize to what he was doing wandering around the neighorhood.
  • He had every right to use lethal force to protect himself when attacked.
  • He was also an idiot who never, ever should have gotten out of his vehicle to pursue the young man. Nothing good could have come from that.

For his part, Trayvon Martin:

  • Had every right to be wandering around the neighborhood where his parents lived.
  • Had every right to move away from a guy following him around.
  • Was an idiot for attacking the guy.

Had Zimmerman at some point said “Hey kid, what is your name,” or Martin said “Hey, why are you following me?”, we never would have heard of these men.

The press bent over backwards to turn this into a hate-crime because a black man was president and they had to make every little thing about race. That should have failed when they discovered Zimmerman was hispanic and a Democrat, but they tried to make it a symbol anyway.

Really it is a story about dumb guys doing dumb things.


  1. How many times have you been asked why you were wandering somewhere? It’s never happened to me.

    1. I grew up rural and every once in a while crossing a feild or orchard the landowner would see me and ask who I was.

      1. As in private property? That´s different to being stopped by a civilian on the street. I looked up the gated community and there are 263 units. Let’s be conservative and put 2 people in each home and we’re talking approx. 526 residents. Then we add friends/family/nannies/cleaners/workmen and we’re looking at a circulation of another 20 to 50% of people on top of the 526.
        So you think race played no role in stopping or questioning the black teenager?

      2. I don’t see how anyone but Zimmerman could know that, or how it would have any bearing on the case.
        If you want to play up the racial mistrust angle you can ask whether Martin would have attacked Zimmerman had Zimmerman been black. The answer is the same: it is impossible to know, and it shouldn’t have made any difference in court.

      3. How Zimmerman could know how many people live in the gated community?
        That’s not the question. The question to me is why he decided to stop this particular individual. I lived in gated communities my entire life, I never felt entitled to stop another person and question them. That’s not my right as a either resident or citizen. My right is to notify security or authorities.
        Could Zimmerman provide any evidence of history where he stopped and questioned people of any other racial backgrounds?

      4. Could he have unconsciously or consciously racially profiled Martin? Of course. Is it public business? I don’t think that sort of thing can the basis of a criminal investigation. And you can’t get into that without then asking if Martin’s violent reaction wasn’t racially motivated, which is unknowable.

      5. Is there not a difference between someone going about their (own) business and someone who initiates an interaction?

      6. I don’t think it is wrong for people to be concerned about their neighborhood: there had been break-ins and they had organized a watch. It is looking out for your neighbors.
        I don’t think the problem is the what but the how: drive up to the kid, wave at him, ask what street he lives on, explain that you are from the neighborhood watch, ask if he’s seen anything, etc. Getting Out Of Your Car to follow him is retarded.

      7. And didn’t the police tell him to stay in his car and wait for an officer?

      8. I don’t know.

  2. Last I knew, Zimmerman was in hiding because “his life was ruined” by the bad PR. How is this lawsuit going to fix any aspect of his ruined life? There’s no way he’s going to get payed even if he wins. And there’s no way anyone, on either side of the scandal, is going to see this as a positive whether he wins OR loses.

    I agree with you. The dude seems to be an idiot.

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