Snark and Rage

I know I shouldn’t psychoanalyze or profile people based on a tweet but you inevitably imagine what people look and sound like based on their writing.

Perusing this twitter feed I imagine the author as a chubby blue-haired woman in her 30s, or possibly an effeminate but heterosexual man of the same age. The tells are the snark, the forced use of ‘y’all’, the barely suppressed rage, and the interest in politically correct causes.

The only thing that registers as “Satanic” to me is the hatred for the Virgin Mary and the Eucharist. Everything else registers as “sexually frustrated SJW”.

People who call themselves Satanists are generally atheist posers with with way too much time on their hands, but when they get a fixation on some aspect of (usually) Catholic devotion like the Virgin it starts coming off as weird, like there is a visceral, irrational revulsion.

That weird revulsion is why I suspect demonic influence is real (yes, beneath my formal education and occasional poses of erudition I still think angels and demons are real, even if I can’t prove it) though I suppose mental illness could also explain it.


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