LOL: Smirking While White 2

In January I had several posts about the Covington Catholic boys who were unfairly accused of harassing an American Indian at the March for Life in Washington DC with their… smirks. “Smirking while white” was the hate crime du jour.

Well, an friend recently sent me this photo from the March for Life 1997. It seems like I invented smirking while white!

I thought I was so square as a kid but apparently I was a social menace even then.

Damn… look at that hairline:



  1. To be honest, that’s a pretty lame smirk. Teeth are visible. I’m not picking up enough condescension or arrogant superiority. This just looks like a group of white guys who…oh…yeah. Now I understand.

    1. Dumb kids can’t even smirk right.

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