Monthly Archives: March 2019

So Bad its Good? The 80s Drama Lime Street

Back in the early 80s TV heartthrob Robert Wagner co-produced and stared in Lime Street in which he played an accountant who breaks up insurance scams with his wits and fists. It was a terrible show: not only was the premise boring, it managed to combine saccharine sentimentality and moral obscenity. The show was designed to play […]

Revisiting the Breeders

I’ve been listening to The Breeders’ 1993 album Last Splash. As a kid I liked Cannonball but figured they were one-hit wonders. Well, pardon my ignorance. I didn’t realize that Last Splash was a platinum album. I also didn’t realize that The Breeders’ front-woman, Kim Deal, had co-founded the Pixies and the rest of the players […]

The Collapse of the Press

I found this Lee Smith article via Ace of Spades. It is from 2017 but still enlightening. Ace’s summary: We’re living in a cyberpunk world where the “news” isn’t the news, it’s commercial advertisements for corporations and information ops paid for by political parties put into a form resembling that of what we used to […]

Michael Jackson: Officially the Worst Person Ever?

Back in the ’80s, as a small boy I found Michael Jackson creepy: he dressed strangely, he had undergone needless plastic surgery, and he was effeminate. Even back then, before the formal accusations made against him in 1993, there rumors about his predilections; the joke running around the playground went like this: Kid 1: Hey, […]

False memories

The New Yorker describes how five Nebraskans confessed to a murder they didn’t commit: Taylor confessed to the woman’s murder in 1989 and for two decades believed that she was guilty. She served more than nineteen years for the crime before she was pardoned. She was one of six people accused of the murder, five […]