Hunky Dory

After decades of ignoring David Bowie’s work (beyond his standard radio fare) I’m finally starting to dip in. His output was impressive – 27 studio albums, 11 in the ’70s alone – so it will take a while to get a handle on it. I’ve been skipping around, 1971’s Hunky Dory is my favorite album thus far, I suppose because is so accessible: catchy tunes, straightforward instrumentation, cool bass lines, and it contains the radio classics Changes and Life on Mars.

A lot of the lyrics evoke Nietzsche, which gives some intellectual and emotional depth to the album.

My favorite tracks would be Oh! You Pretty Things, Life on Mars, and Quicksand (which is probably the best). There are some goofy tracks like Kooks and Fill Your Heart but they are still good. Actually, the whole album is a little goofy. There are no bad tracks, but his Song for Bob Dylan is a little dull.

Hunky Dory was preceded by The Man Who Sold the World and followed by Ziggy Stardust neither of which I particularly like.


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