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So I Used to Draw, Part 3: Swords and Sorcery!

I am reviewing an old sketchbook of mine that I found at my mom’s house. It dates from before my senior year of high school through my freshman year of college. At that time had been thinking about writing a sword-and-sorcery fantasy novel. I enjoyed fantasy novels from about 5th to 9th grades. By the […]

So, I Used to Draw, Part 2: Greco-Roman edition

Still going through an old sketchbook of mine which I found at my mother’s house, dating roughly my from senior year of high school through my freshman year of college. I seemed to have had a taste for Greco-Roman art. Apparently I disliked this Athena, given the red lines cutting off her head. Notice the […]

So I used to draw…

Visiting my mother this weekend I found an old sketchbook of mine in the back of a closet. Most of the pieces are from summer of ’96 to some time in ’98, corresponding to my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. The drawings are not bad. Much better than I could […]

Indiana Jones

Years ago a stuffy acquaintance was arguing that the fictional character Indiana Jones was a bad man and upright people should not enjoy watching the movies. I took that very personally, Raiders of the Lost Arc being one of my all time favorite films. I argued that Indiana Jones was a flawed man but he […]

Should the ISIS groupies come home?

Western-born ISIS groupies who ran off to Syria to provide comfort to Jihadis have been asking to come home now that, you know, ISIS is about to be crushed in Syria. Their excuse is that they were young and dumb, people make mistakes, they should be forgiven and allowed to come home. On the other […]

On Hate Crime Hoaxes

“Hate crimes”, committing a crime against someone based some personal characteristic of theirs, are vanishingly rare in the United States. The only sort of hate crime that seems to being growing in America are crimes against Jews, most likely due to the increasing Muslim population. People like to fake hate crimes against themselves. I think […]

Anti-gay witchhunt?

Sociologist Frederic Martel is coming out with a book reporting on homosexual networks in the Vatican and Frank Bruni of the NTY is nervous: But I’m bothered and even a little scared. Whatever Martel’s intent, “In the Closet of the Vatican” may be less a constructive reckoning than a stockpile of ammunition for militant right-wing Catholics […]