Covington Catholic Post-Mortem


Time to wrap this story up. No one is still honestly insisting the boys did anything wrong. Their parents are lawyering up, and I sincerely hope they go Peter Thiel on the ass of a few media companies. It is difficult but possible to show malice in misreporting, since all these journalists had to do was watch the long version of the video before spouting off on it.

We’ve learned 3 things:

  1. We already know the mainstream media is biased, this story also illustrates that they are mercenary, self-deceiving, and stupid-yet-somehow-arrogant assholes. Even their apologies are passive voiced and self pitying. Why do we listen to these people?
  2. There is a major split among right-wing opinion makers. The Anti-Trump right rushed to condemn the Covington boys in their eagerness to not be seen as that sort of Republican and the pro-Trump right has been viciously attacking them for it. I suppose I’m technically anti-Trump but I think the pro-Trump right is correct on this one. There are a lot of pro-Trump people who don’t like the President but who recognized that voting for Hillary was voting for the left and you can’t very well say you are “on the right” when you are in fact supporting the left. Also, some anti-Trump people are transparently status sensitive; they hate Trump because he is in bad taste and they don’t want their friends to think less of them. The pro-Trump right feels both betrayed and vindicated. This is ultimately about loyalty, loyalty party or loyalty to class.
  3. It is reasonable to surmise the left is ginning up its secular base for an attack on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic, widely rumored to be Trump’s replacement for the frail Justice Ginsburg. It started with Senator Kamala Harris’ baiting of a Knight of Columbus and racist Catholic schoolboys in MAGA hats looked like a good way to follow up before blowing up in their faces.

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