Of Trolls and Cucks

First the troll: Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who banged a drum in a teenager’s face and later claimed to have been harassed, is America’s most successful troll. As an internet troll lurks the internet looking for people to provoke with controversial opinions, so Phillips wandered the Mall looking for someone to provoke. He failed to provoke the kid, but he successfully provoked the nation. Also, like a good troll, he managed to cast himself as the victim. Obviously I am only speculating about Phillips’ motives but he is an activist and has claimed this sort of victim-hood before, so I think I have him figured out.

Second the cucks. I didn’t used to like the alt-right slur “cuck”, but experience has taught me that there are, in fact, cucks among us. I don’t really blame people for rushing to judge what appeared to be a racially charged incident because we have been conditioned by social media to do that but we need to ask ourselves why, exactly, we feel the need to denounce and condemn? I suppose it is because we want to feel respectable, and hate what respectable people hate.

Some of the people who rushed to denounce the Covington Catholic boys were Catholic journalists, professors, and priests, the organizers of the March for Life, and their local Bishop and their own school administration. Most of these condemnations were retracted with profuse apologies but the fact they instinctively joined the pile-on is telling: in order for them to maintain respectability they had to denounce their own. They were, in effect, claiming to be the nice respectable sort of Catholics, not at all like those Trump loving, #MAGA hatted boys.

News flash, cucks: no one thinks the Catholic Church is respectable, least of all the people whom you are trying to impress.

As of my writing this, the Bishop of Covington and the Covington School Administration still have not apologized to the boys for their condemnations. I hope they are preparing a statement and deciding to err on the side of prudence, not wanting to mouth off again in case more information comes out. Or maybe they are just penisless cucks.

I admit to trolling the internet and to cucking out every now and then. Trolling and cucking are all about putting on a show. I hope I never again care about respectability, and never again pretend to be something I’m not.

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