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Seen on the Internet

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Random Thoughts on Bullies

In pop culture – movies and TV – bullies are regarded as the worst things ever. This is because films need antagonists and everyone has memories of being picked on in middle school. As much as I loved Stranger Things the show lost me a little with the depiction of the school bullies. They were […]

Good TV shows

I am against television and its brain-rotting effects: TV atrophies the mind, body and soul. That having been said I am also a hypocrite. I don’t own a TV but I do have a laptop and internet access and sometimes I, uh… fall into temptation. And to be honest there is some really great TV […]

Blast from the Past

I stumbled across a long documentary about a TV show from my childhood that I had all but forgotten, Nickelodeon’s You Can’t Do that on Television. (YCDTOTV). It is about 90 minutes long but good. YCDTOTV was an Ottawa-based variety show with a cast of about half-a-dozen children and two adult actors. Each show was built around […]

My Favorite Grateful Dead Albums

I don’t consider myself a Deadhead, but since I own more Grateful Dead (GD) albums than any other rock band I must be something more than a casual. I like them because 1) they are fun, 2) eclectic and 3) a great cover band (which is harder than it sounds). Here is how I would […]

I need literary advice

A commenter reminded me of a short story I posted here in 2014 and which was first written in 2010 or so. I remember posting it with some embarrassment since I felt that it was a) sentimental and b) somewhat sprawling. It is basically a nostalgia piece based on my own recollections of Irish funerals […]

A John Carpenter Triptych

I’ve had a very John Carpenter week, rewatching They Live and Big Trouble in Little China, and attempting Escape from New York. They Live is, of course, a classic. Granted it starts out as hamfisted socialist propaganda but once Roddy Piper puts on the sunglasses it turns into a solid sci-fi action movie. Pop entertainment […]