Monthly Archives: September 2018


Andrew Sullivan on the Kavanaugh debacle: To the extent that the hearing went beyond the specifics of Ford’s allegations and sought to humiliate and discredit Kavanaugh for who he was as a teenager nearly four decades ago (a dynamic that was quite pronounced in some Democratic questioning of the nominee), it was deeply concerning. When […]

How does a church collapse?

From The Sun Also Rises: “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” Thankfully I’ve never been bankrupt but I’ve seen it play out in the lives and businesses of others. “Gradually and then suddenly” is how it happens: there is the long slow deficit in funds which […]

Underwhelming atheist apologetics

This is a good example of low-brow atheism. It opens with an offensively stupid thought experiment about archaic humans scurrying around the plains of Africa interpreting every noise as a threat and running for their lives, because it is better to be wrong than to be eaten by a saber-tooth tiger. Because of this, human […]

Blue Mountain

I’ve just discovered Bob Weir’s 2016 album Blue Mountain which is really good cowboy music. It is based on Weir’s recollections of spending a summer working on a ranch in Wyoming as a teen. I take this as a Christmas tune: Good night all you cowboys, we’ve got treasure enough, ’cause the angels appeared one time to folks […]