Monthly Archives: May 2018

Fitness Friday: finally joined the Y

Last Sunday I joined the local YMCA. The cost is a bit high for a gym of this quality, $75/month, but it is in walking distance and the hours are convenient. I suppose the $75 would be quite a bargain if I also wanted to shoot hoops and swim laps in the pool full of […]

Inherit eternal life (or quit when ahead)

The young man approaches Jesus and asks, “Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” And we all know what Jesus says: “Go sell everything you have and give to the poor, then you will have external life”. Right? No. Of course not. Jesus said no such thing. Why is it that people […]

Theological foundations of foreign policy

There was a very interesting article in First Things that tries to link the divisions in American foreign policy to the divisions in American Protestantism. The idea is that the same theological divisions that animated the emotions surrounding the Scopes Monkey Trial are the ones that drive our political divisions to this day. One the […]

Psychological Saftey

One of the more absurd things happening today is the abuse of the notion of psychological saftey, eg: a female student demanding a male classmate be silent in her presence for respect for her “safety.” Sane people scratch their heads and wonder what she is talking about. But that does not mean psychological saftey is […]

Tom Wolfe RIP

Tom Wolfe is dead at the venerable age of 87. The Bonfire of the Vanities or even A Man in Full could not be written today. They would: Be condemned as racist / misogynist / whatever, and Not be funny. They would no longer be satire but straight up reporting. We all have become characters […]

Kevin D. Williamson flubs one

What happened to the old Kevin D. Williamson I’ve admired for so long? Getting fired from The Atlantic seems to have taken his edge off. His advice to incels is to go to church to meet girls: There are girls who want to go home with a guy they met at a bar, but, as […]

Fitness Friday: Back on the Wagon

So last week while visiting Mom I pulled my brother’s old dumbbells out of the closet and appropriated them. My old gym moved in mid-February and I have not gotten any exercise since. I am not impressed with any of the other local gyms. I also dusted off my kettlebell, and this week I have […]