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Fitness Friday: Mental Toughness

We have all heard about schools and universities teaching young people to cultivate fragility as if it were a virtue and not a vice. My reaction to stories about emotional support animals, cry rooms, and adult coloring books is always to rend my garments and shout O tempora! O mores! but maybe there is an […]

Fitness Friday: It is nice to be average

A short but fascinating article about the two sides of being a beautiful woman. The good: you never want for a job or attention from men. The bad: other women hate you. One of the worst things about being beautiful is that other women absolutely despise you. Women have made me cry my whole life. […]

A funny thing happened when we tried to create diversity

I used to read comic books as a teen and occasionally feel nostalgia for them. In my twenties used to be ashamed of that nostalgia. When visiting my mom’s house I’d sometimes pull a few comics out of the box still hidden in my old closet, looking around to make sure no one would see, […]

Fitness Friday: Sleep!

Between my gym closing and the interminable winter blues I completely dropped my exercise program and spent the last two months huddled in my apartment. But since today, April 13th, is the first spring-like day of 2018, my thoughts have turned back to regular exercise. I need a new gym. There are a few withing […]

Neuhaus’s Law

Richard John Neuhaus observed that where religious orthodoxy is optional it will sooner or later be proscribed. Orthodoxy, no matter how politely expressed, suggests that there is a right and a wrong, a true and a false, about things. When orthodoxy is optional, it is admitted under a rule of liberal tolerance that cannot help […]

Repost: thoughts on faith

Happy Easter, below is an old post. Rational arguments exert force on the human mind. The mind must assent to a logical line of thought once the premises are accepted. If you understand what ‘2’ means, you must agree that twice two is four. Faith, however, is not the conclusion of a rational argument. There […]