Conversion stories

Some of my posts lately have been about faith and conversion (what can I say, Lent) so a recent post by Rod Dreher caught my attention. He asks his readers what their moment of clarity was, when they realized everything they had formerly believed was just a lie.

The responses, of course, are all over the place: conversions from feminist/wiccanism to Catholicism, from a rock-ribbed conservative to leftism, from Methodist pastor to atheist. Except for a few troll responses they are all worth a read.

The pattern is something like this:

  1. Person subscribes to Thought System A.
  2. Person meanwhile picks up fragments of ideas from other thought systems and stashes them away in his mental baggage. His heap of broken images.
  3. Some event makes him realize how many of those fragments contradict system A. He is shocked at first, then tries to reconcile them.
  4. Eventually (perhaps after years) he finds he cannot reconcile them. He begins to realize he is dealing with (at least) two conflicting thought systems, A and B.
  5. The shiniest fragments in the pile, the strongest impressions, make him choose the system that best fits them.

I don’t think all conversions are equal, just read the examples in the first link, some are quite dumb: the old system was shed with nary a struggle because – get this – it contradicted mainstream thought. Any fool can conform to society.

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