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This is  the Improperia (or Reproaches) a Good Friday piece. The Latin words date from the 9th century (though the Greek fragment, Hagios o Theos, Hagios o Ischyros, Hagios o Athanatos, dates from probably the 5th.) This  arrangement by Luis Tomas de Victoria is from the 16th century.   We can’t avoid sorrow and suffering in […]

The epistemological problem

In my last post I asked whether Jesus intended to found the church, and I answered yes, given the appointment of the Apostles and the foundation of the Eucharist. This brings up the epistemological problem: the only witness we have to Jesus founding the church is the church itself, so how do we know the […]

Did Jesus Intend the Church?

A couple of weeks ago I looked at Jesus’ career through the lens of a prophet and found it made a lot of sense. Jesus’ career was not only preaching conversion but also preforming prophetic acts such as throwing the money changers out of the Temple, faith healing, and even it seems his acquiescence to […]

Must a Christian be a Conservative?

American Christians were not always so closely aligned with the Republican party and the American right. Catholics and Evangelicals for example were generally in favor of the New Deal and gravitated towards the Democrats for most of the 20th century. There used to be something called the Christian Left and there have been Progressive Christian […]

Conversion stories

Some of my posts lately have been about faith and conversion (what can I say, Lent) so a recent post by Rod Dreher caught my attention. He asks his readers what their moment of clarity was, when they realized everything they had formerly believed was just a lie. The responses, of course, are all over […]

More real news for grown-ups

From the WSJ: Crown Prince Mohammed’s critics describe him as a young man in a hurry. They’re right—and he should be. As he told all of us in his cabinet constantly: “Time is our enemy. We cannot wait any longer to reform our country. The time is now.” He is clear about the problem. “Political […]

Beautiful things

This week I attended my second complete old Mass, which I intend to do once a month or so. I wrote a post about my first attendance a couple of months ago but deleted it since it was pretty much just a rant about how irritated I get with the bad aesthetic tradition of the […]