Fitness Friday!

Welcome to Fitness Friday, where I motivate myself to stay in shape by putting embarrassing failures on the internet.

To cut back on calories I ended up both cutting out salad dressing and replacing breakfast with a mid-morning snack. I’ve stopped getting fatter and am maybe moving in the opposite direction, another week will tell. My face looks thinner in the mirror, so I’ll take that as a win. I’ve kept my protein up.

After a month fooling around in the gym I’ve settled on a program for February and March:

Day 1:

  • Power Cleans 3×3: these are fun and a good way to warm up.
  • Front Squat 3×3: my front squat is really weak, and heavy back squats are starting to hurt my shoulders and knees.
  • Back Squat 3×10: lighter weight back squats seem to do me a lot of good.
  • Bench press 3×5
  • Dumb bell bench press 3×10: the idea is to increase the volume.
  • Dumb bell rows: 3×10
  • Curls.

Day 2:

  • Power cleans 3×3
  • Deadlift 1×5: deadlifts are awesome and I am glad to be doing them again after a long time off.
  • Chin ups and pull ups: as many as I can.
  • Curls and dumb bell shoulder exercises (press, lateral raises, etc)
  • Farmer walks: seem to be good for everything.

Day 3: same as day one but swapping dips for dumb bell bench press. I like dips but can’t manage to do both them and all the extra pressing on the same day.

The idea is to give myself more work on the bench press and squatting movements. Days one and three will be a little more than an hour, day two a little less.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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