Monthly Archives: November 2017

Lord knows I’m only human

I have not been posting much lately, life has taken a turn for the busy. My commute has gone from 40 minutes a day to 3 hours. Fortunately I have an apartment lined up closer to my new job and I should be moving by the end of the week. As I pack I listen […]

My sheltered life

Stories of sexual harassment and abuse keep coming out of Hollywood, Washington, and the media. I should not be so bewildered: I have seen a case of sexual harassment while working in a boarding school. I have been in an atmosphere where I could possibly have been a victim – a roving Jesuit with a […]

Roy Moore, loyalty test

Just a thought or two on the Roy Moore debacle: While fake accusations of sexual assault do happen, fake ones are usually quite vague and come out of nowhere. Moore has several detailed accusations against him showing a pattern of predatory behavior. You might not be able to prove him guilty of statutory rape in […]

Early Christian Communists

David Bentley Hart comments on his translation of the New Testament: I knew that much of the conventional language of scriptural translation has the effect of reducing complex and difficult words and concepts to vacuously simple or deceptively anachronistic terms (“eternal,” “hell,” “justification,” to give a few examples). But I had not appreciated how violently […]

Shift the Blame

Ace of Spades makes a point about how we tend to excuse sex crimes: This is a crime, but the criminal isn’t actually the criminal — you’re the criminal. This obviously demented psychopath actually represents your Male Gaze and your Toxic Masculinity. You better fix your wagon, fella, before we fix it for you. It’s […]

Crime is not random

In reaction to the report that the Manhattan Bike Lane Terrorist was “known to authorities” and on a watch list, Kevin Williamson points out: Who else was on the radar of the relevant law-enforcement and intelligence agencies? Omar Mateen, Syed Farook’s social circle, Nidal Hasan, Adam Lanza, the 2015 Garland attackers, the Boston Marathon bombers. The […]

Why Incest is Wrong

I confess that as a philosophy undergrad I’ve never read Thomas Aquinas’ treatments of ethics. I hated my intro to ethics class which was designed around the work of Karl Rahner, whom at the time I found not just incomprehensible but also deeply irritating, and I ended up avoiding ethics-related electives. So I am surprised […]