Monthly Archives: September 2017

Let it burn

  The discrediting of American institutions continues with the NFL flap. Let us review the layers of stupid: NFL owners should have stopped players from protesting the anthem knowing it would piss off the fans, however well intentioned the players may be: the field is their workplace, not a space for politics. People watch sports […]


Growing up we had an ash tree in our front yard. It was a ragged and sickly tree, every winter we wondered if it would make it to spring. Eventually we cut it down. So in my mind I identify ash with sickly, and sure enough, every time I see an ash tree it is […]

Seeing and Naming

An old post from June from the soon-to-be-defunct blog. I am pleased to say I now know much more about trees than I did when I wrote this.  Humans are very visual, so interacting with nature is all about learning to see: teaching our brains to pick out important details from the millions that bombard […]

Cheap Booze

Another repost from the soon-to-be-defunct blog. I used to be the kind of man who would waste his hard-earned money on expensive liquors. I would shell out wads of cash for bottles of Laphroaig or Glenlivet, Plymouth and Tanqueray. I would spend hours trying to mix the perfect Old Fashioned or Martini. Vanity of vanities! St […]

Beethoven’s Mass in C Major

Repost from my other, soon to be defunct blog. Last night I continued my spring concert plans with Beethoven’s Mass in C Major preformed by the Worcester Chorus. I’ve never heard it before, though it felt familiar since I’ve sung Schubert’s Mass in C Major. What can I say, I didn’t like it. For the most part, […]

Movie Review: Princess Mononoke

This is based an old post that was originally published elsewhere.  We live in an age of transition (or as I like to say, an apocalyptic age): older ways of experiencing the world are dying away, and we do not know what the new world will bring. Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, which takes place in medieval Japan, is […]

Exhausting Morality 2

Ace of Spades has a good post on the meltdown of ESPN (or as we call it here in New England, the Four Letter Network). One of ESPN’s talking heads made some stupid comments about Trump on twitter and the Four Letter Network gave her a firm talking to but did not suspend her, as […]