Repost: The Best Argument Against White Supremacists…

This post is from last year, and my predications have sadly proven correct.

Another sad, oft-repeated prediction of mine is a paraphrase of George Orwell: the future is a white supremacist and a fat college feminist screaming in your face, forever. Identity politics is not going away, common American culture is too shallow to stop it. The left will not stop doubling down on it, and the right will not stop de-Christianizing and morphing into the Angry White Party. 

The best argument against white supremacy is the manifest inferiority of white supremacists.

Americans are not particularly racist compared to other nationalities I’ve known, but I am afraid we will become more racist, not less, with time.

This fear is based on some recent flare-ups on twitter pitting conservatives like blogger Ace of Spades, actor Nick Searcy and novelist Larry Correia against more or less open racists. The conservatives reacted with loud condemnation, dismissal, and personal insults, as any normal people would, while the racists called them “cuckservatives”, which as I understand it means conservatives who enjoy seeing their women raped by black men, or something.

The argument of the racists was that they thought that the main effort in politics should be to preserve the white race, and the Republican party and contemporary conservative movement were too weak on immigration to achieve that. Lots of conservatives agree that the Republicans are too weak on immigration and that America’s massive importation of undocumented and (at best) low-skilled laborers is a very bad idea, but the argument is based on culture, crime, politics and economics, not the preservation of a mythical racial purity.

The racists were not decrepit old Southerners stuck in the early 20th century, but in fact seemed to be fairly intelligent young men. Their argumentative style was typical of young millennials who cut their teeth on social networking: swarming, self-righteous denunciation. The core of their argument seems to be that American whites have an average IQ of about 100, Jews and some Asians have average IQ’s that are somewhat higher, while American blacks, Hispanics and other Asians have IQ’s that are somewhat lower, that these differences are based in genetics, and that cultural differences are a result of the genetic ones. Race tension is therefore inevitable, miscegenation is to be avoided, conniving Jews sucking us into war to defend Israel mistrusted, Hispanics kept out, and blacks kept separate.

Now, I am not equipped to criticize theories about the relationship between genes and IQ, but don’t see how it should matter either way when it comes to law, or how people are treated, which deals with individuals and not racial averages. By itself the academic IQ-genetics issue does not account for this race-based angst.

These could be just a handful of racists coming out of the shadows and trolling on twitter. My fear however is that it is a sign of the future, because the racists seemed to be imitating the tropes of other race baiters. Listening to the Hispanic nationalist group La Raza or the “Black Lives Matter” crowd you quickly realize you are dealing with radicals, racists even, who are driving much of the public discussion on race issues. White men meanwhile are routinely demonized among certain youthful political groups for the very fact of being white men.

Is it any surprise then that young white men start fighting back with the same kinds of weapons?

American culture, once robust and confident despite its internal contradictions, is tired and weak, and several competing sub-cultures have recognized the decline and are attempting to carve out swaths of the populace to control. This is why I suspect the future will have a more racist America, not a less racist America.

In fact, the process is already underway: thanks to economic stagnation and racist clowns like Al Sharpton being treated respectably by the people in power, race riots have become a boring commonplace in the Obama years when they were unthinkable from the late Clinton presidency onward.

This is the “progress” we were promised.

What choice will one have, in such an environment, except to increasingly seek out like minded people and avoid the broader world? Even if we want to resist the balkaniztion of America, we just end up becoming one more tribe scrambling for protection.


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